Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Dance!

Hi everyone,

I'm doing the happy dance big time today.

First of all, I got a sneak peek at my new cover. My jaw hit the floor it is so wicked. It's got a different feel than the first, but I really really like it. As soon as it is all official, I'll post it so you can all bask in the hotness.

And second of all, Dancing with the Stars starts tonight!

I don't ever remember watching a show that made me so blissfully happy for no reason. I can't even figure out what I love about it so much. Is it that the competition is so genuinely good-natured, because nothing is at stake for the celebrities but a little pride? Is it that I've always had a thing for dancing? I used to watch old Fred Astaire movies with my Grandma.

Part of me thinks it's the dresses.

Another part of me very much enjoys the voyeuristic nature of watching dance as a form of seduction. (That might be a little too much information about what gets me going, but there you go.)

I also like watching people grow, change, and achieve something when they have given an honest effort.

And Bruno makes me laugh.

So tonight, I'll curl up on the couch with some frozen custard and my show.

It will be my little slice of heaven.


1 comment:

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

I hope you enjoyed the show as much as you were expecting to. {SMILE}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin