Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Have book, will travel

First off let me say what a shame it is that when a book goes international, the author doesn't necessarily get to follow. I mean, what if my characters get lonely? Wouldn't they appreciate a visit? And shouldn't I get to bring my readers along?

But even if we can't go to Germany, The Accidental Demon Slayer is a new German release from Bertelsmann/Random House. Now they only have rights to the words inside the book (what I could give them) so they can't have the cover that my American publisher developed. This is the new cover and the German title: The Demon Comes Alone. According to a German reporter, it is a play on a German turn-of-phrase. Anybody speak German around here?

Oh and here is a loose translation of the cover copy (oh how things translate, or don't):
Cheeky women's story with a shot of the fantastic.

A demon in the bathroom, a crazy Grandmother at the door. Lizzie had pictured something different entirely for her thirtieth birthday. Then, when her hyperactive terrier starts to talk to her, she doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. But she doesn't have time for either because Granny immediately tosses her on her pink Harley. It turns out Lizzie has a hidden talent, one I don't know how to translate without a dictionary. The hottie Dimitri is also aware of it, and soon he'll need Lizzie to bring a Demon to justice.

A Demonslayeress, a talking terrier, and a Mann, as dangerous and sexy as a vampire...

And for those of you smarty-pants Deutsch speakers out there:
Freche Frauenunterhaltung mit einem Schuss Phantastik

Ein Dämon im Bad und eine ausgeflippte Großmutter vor der Tür. Lizzie hatte sich ihren dreißigsten Geburtstag anders vorgestellt. Als dann auch noch ihr hyperaktiver Jack-Russel-Terrier zu ihr spricht, weiß sie nicht, ob sie lachen oder weinen soll. Aber zu beidem bleibt sowieso keine Zeit, denn ihre Oma entführt sie kurzerhand auf ihrer pinkfarbenen Harley. Schließlich hat Lizzie ein ihr bislang verborgenes Talent, mit dem sie zur Feindin eines jeden Dämonen wird. Auch der attraktive Dimitri hat das erkannt. Doch schon bald braucht er Lizzie nicht nur dazu, Dämonen zu vertreiben ...

Eine Dämonenjägerin, ein sprechender Terrier und ein Mann, so gefährlich und sexy wie ein Vampir ...


Blodeuedd said...

I have to say that I sure like the cover I am used to more. It's just so cute :)

Oh and there should be a seldom in there too since if I get my German right, A demon comes seldom alone.

Hm, don't we have a turn of phrase like that here too *thinks hard* I suck at remembering and since no one speaks Swedish I am all alone...must google

Mary Ann DeBorde said...

Mary D
zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Another fun book to add to my Want List :)

ps - I want to go to Germany, too lol

Jess Granger said...

Blank seldom comes alone is a phrase that is used like, "When it rains it pours," or "Bad things always happen in threes."

So the translation of the title in English would be "When it rains, it pours demons."

And you should totally put up the computer generated translation of the back cover copy. It was a crackup.

Angie Fox said...

Field trip to Germany! Let's go.

One of my Dutch readers was telling me that "A Demon Seldom Comes Alone" is a play on the German saying, "Trouble Seldom Comes Alone," meaning if one thing goes wrong, other things will too. So I think I'm liking that title. The book is in good hands, it seems.

Angie Fox said...

Oh yeah, that's right, Jess. When I first saw the back cover copy in German, I plugged it into one of those online automatic translators with, er, interesting results.

Here's what it said:
Cheeky Frauenunterhaltung with a shot phantastic a demon in the bathroom and a'grandmother before the door. Lizzie had changed its thirtieth birthday presents. When you hyperaktiver Jack Russell Terrier to her-speak, you not know whether you laugh or cry. But both remains no time anyway, because their grandmother takes you on your pink summarily Harley.