Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Your favorite tropes

What's a trope, you might ask? In simplest terms, it's a plot device in a book.

Some of my favorite tropes include friends to lovers, long-time crush, love from afar, heroine in man-drag, older woman, younger man. I'm a bit torn on best friend's younger sister. I think that one really has to be handled well. I also find extreme age differences a little hard to sell. I don't mind 5-10 years, but anything more leaves me thinking they both have issues to work out.

I love when a long-time crush is handled well, and if it's combined with friends-to-lovers, even better. Dee Tenorio has written a perfectly awesome book... let me find it. Betting Hearts. Oh my goodness, I just loved this one so much. She did a great job of combining those two tropes, and she even threw in a makeover, which is always fun. However, I'm totally opposed to makeovers being the reason the guy (or girl) is suddenly attracted to this person. I like makeovers because they give the hero or heroine confidence, but I don't want the other protagonist to be so shallow. I prefer it if that person is already attracted; they just haven't acted on the longing for whatever reason. Secret longing is just so freakin' hot. But I don't want it combined with "I'm not worthy" angst. I'd really rather not read forty pages about how the hero (or heroine) is too filthy and defiled to deserve to touch the hem of the other one's trousers.

What are your favorite tropes? Can you give me some good suggestions of books that include my favorite ones? (Because clearly, it's all about me, and finding me new & awesome stuff to read.)


Blodeuedd said...

Would have to think about this one, and then I would forget so ok think hard!....I have read too much fantasy so it's hard to tell.
"Enemies" to lovers is a good one, ok sometimes they just dislike each other but still. I am mostly think of Bridget Jones Diary now lol

And I do like when I "bad" guy have a changed of heart and she change him

Jackie Uhrmacher said...

I'm having a bit of a mental lapse, but I think the book was The Girl Most Likely. Susan Donovan maybe? It doesn't start when the hero and heroine were young, but after the mistakes of their youth. The author uses flashbacks to fill in the gaps, and I'm not going to lie, I teared up a little.