Thursday, October 8, 2009


I'll be the first to admit I have a somewhat (?) obsessive personality. All my life, I seemed to have followed the old adages "in for a penny, in for a pound" and "rather be hanged for a deer as a hare." As a result, I should've seen the writing on the wall when my dear son-in-law invited me to play Mafia Wars!!! (I believe I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago??? I said the last thing I needed was a reason to diddle around???)

Well, I've gone beyond diddling! I'm like those little old ladies at the casinos...the ones playing the slot machines. "Stick in the gold card, pull the handle; stick in the gold card, pull the handle!" But with me, it's "pick the job (or the fight), click the mouse!" Over and over again until I run out of energy points!!! And each time I wait with baited breath to see either my experience points roll up, or if I've won the fight. As a result, I have over $150m in my Mafia bank (if that were only true in real life! 9) ); I've won 1,482 fights...lost 436; iced 199 mobsters; and survived, oh, about 12 minutes on the hitlist. (Other players tend to get ticked when you take all their money and they get revenge by putting a bounty on you!!)

The question is "why am I doing this?" I guess because it's mindless entertainment. I don't have to think about anything while I'm playing...I don't have to ponder about the next book contract, stew about what's up with the day job. All I have to do is just click that little mouse! Plus it is somewhat of a challenge to see how far you can go without either getting killed (figuratively) or running out of points, and I've always been one to take on a challenge.

However, I have heard rumors that my family is planning a "Mafia Wars" intervention!

So I guess I'd better cool it!!! Or at least try a little restraint!! Instead of "in for a penny, in for a pound," maybe I should follow "all things in moderation!" 8) How about you?? Anyone else have a little obsession that they'd like to share??? 9)

That's it for this week-I've got to pop back on Mafia Wars and see if I've been killed yet this morning!!! Take care and have a great rest of the week!!!



Casey said...

Too funny, Shirley! I keep seeing you pop up on Facebook with Mafia Wars and I always chuckle. Intervention . . . oh yeah, big time!

aimdel said...

I've gotten addicted to twitter. I have to check it every hour I'm on the computer. We have BLOCKED social web sites at work but Twitter is still on there. I won't put it on my phone because I’m sure I will never stop checking it.

Kat Bryan said...

I always figure I could be doing something worse than spending time on eating. LOL I used to spend all day entering sweeps but now I divide my time between my blog, reading for my blog, and Facebook.