Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Go, Doubleblind!

So last week, the third Jax book came out. I'm happy to report Doubleblind is #4 on the Bookscan SF mass market list, #21 in SFF at BN and #33 on BGI. Woohoo!

To celebrate, I thought I'd give away a copy. Mind you, this is book three, so if you win this book. you probably need to read books one and two first. And that's it. If you want a copy of Doubleblind, comment on this post about why you should win this. You can make it a sob story, a reward for an achievement, anything you want. You can also lie outrageously, as long as it's entertaining. Make us cry, make us laugh, but be warned: if you bore us, you will not win. And go!

(Winner will be posted next week.)


Nicole H. said...

Why should I win? I have to sneak behind my DHs back to get books! No kidding! Since I got a Kindle he wouldn't let me get Paperback books, then he started saying I didn't need Amazon cards because I read too much! Now, I have a review site- and he says that I have NO need AT ALL to buy books! WTH? LOL So I beg on bended knees for this!

Nicole H. said...

oops didn't leave contact!

Anonymous said...

Woo-Hoo! Congrats on proof of your awesomeness!My DH is giving me same problem as Nicole H. so we're in even running for needing to win so we don't have to sneak books into house! Thanks for another great give-away!

Heather a.k.a. bookobsessedgrl

DragonKat said...

Just picked up Grimspace and am hooked! Would love to win this (yeah, I know; got read Wanderlust first, but winning this would be quite the incentive, eh?).

Blodeuedd said...

Lie you

Well it all started when I met this guy, he was so hunky, black hair and there was something mysterious about him. One day I found him outside my house. Big stalker warning but he confessed his undying love, and I fell for him, bad. Our world win romance started and I was happy. Then he asked me to marry him and I said yes.

But there was something he had not told me. He was from another world, his ship has crash landed here and now he had fixed it. I knew we were soulmates and after some soul searching I decided to go with him. The thing is we will leave soon for his home planet and I will never be able to return. The wormhole is about to close and I need some great books with me, and to find out about Jax.

Therefore I would want this book :)
(read Grimspace last month, loved it ;)

Wendy said...

I should win Doubleblind because, simply, I LOVE MARCH. And I need my March fix SOON.

You don't want me to turn into a raving lunatic because I haven't had my March fix, do you? DO YOU, ANN?

ZenMom said...

Oh, I would love this!

Doubleblind is sitting in my Amazon Wish List right now! But I can't get afford to get it just yet.

I have to stick to a strict budget on my book-addiction or I'd go crazy buying up everything and end up having to hock a kid to stave off the bookseller enforcers! )You think the mob is nasty? Dude, you so don't want to be owing money to Barnes and Noble. Ruthless!)

So, since my teeny-tiny local library has a 4,942-mile long waiting list for new popular fiction, that leaves me with only two options to get my fiction fix: Either I can win a copy of "Doubleblind" ... or I'll be forced to turn to a life of skullduggery.

You don't really want to force me to lurk in dark cafes surreptitiously reading over the shoulders of unsuspecting scifi fans, do you?

Help me, Ann Aguirre, you're my only hope!

Rocky said...

I already have a copy of Doubleblind and thought it was fantastic read. Everyone here if you haven't read the first two go out and get them right now. Best Science Fiction series currently out in any sub-genre.

DeAnn G. Rossetti said...

I should win because, as a bibliophile for 44 years, I can't possible kick the fierce book habit that consumes me, and yet, as an unemployed journalist (one of many)I can't afford my weekly book fix!
I am so jonesing for the latest Syrantha Jax story, too! I read the first two, loved them, wrote about them on my book review blog, and befriended the lovely Ann Aquirre on Facebook, only to be tormented with word of the latest book, Doubleblind, that I have no funds to purchase! ARG!
Please don't make me suffer book series withdrawl, which, as we all know, is an ugly thing.
Someone will have to hook me up soon, or I might start frothing at the mouth and thrashing around...not that this is any different that my usual MO, but still, it's undignified for someone my age.
My contact is
Please be kind and let me mainline Doubleblind!
DeAnn Rossetti

Ann Aguirre said...

Wow, this is vastly entertaining! Kudos, people.

azteclady said...

Lie, you say? *evil grin*

I should win this book *coughchokecough* because I have no idea what happens after the end of Wanderlust *chokechokecoughchoke* and I'm really dying to learn the fate of our fearless scrappy heroine and her crew!

And I'm broke (okay, that's not a lie) and can't afford to buy my very own copy *batting eyelashes* pretty pretty pretty please?

(full disclosure: I am not eligible to win anyway, so who cares how lame the lie is, right?)

flchen1 said...

Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying the posts, and Azteclady, you made me laugh :)

Ann, I loved Grimspace and Wanderlust, and definitely plan to get Doubleblind--can't you write the rest any faster? ;) Please??


Pissenlit said...

This is a sob story about awesome me currently being poor and how Doubleblind should be my reward for the achievement of my being so awesome.

I should win this because I am full of awesome. Also, I'm currently so incredibly poor(in some sort of unobvious awesome way, I'm sure) that I've had to rely on the kindness of strange...uh...friends...who've given me a bookstore gift card birthday present for any sort of book purchasing. However, gift cards never last long in my awesome hands so I need to win this. And I totally love the cover of Doubleblind! It's awesome! Hey! It's awesome...I'm awesome...It's totally meant to be!
Awesome + awesome = (more awesome!) where (more awesome!) = me winning Doubleblind

un_pissenlit (at) hotmail (dot) com

Missy S said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Missy S said...

So I was laid off 4 months ago... and while I've thrown out almost 100 resumes, I've only gotten 2 interviews b/c more and more companies are doing away with Admin Assistants. We're a cost, not a necessity. But what this really means is:


I've teased myself by going into Borders and I saw your book there but I could do no more than caress the cover and sniff the scent of freshly printed pages. And I am DYING to get the next Sirantha Jax novel in my hands!!

So please... *sniff* *stares with basset eyes* give it to me... *sob*

(It may be a sob story, but it's a true one, which sucks most of all, scarecrow.)

mela_lyn (at) yahoo

Sara M said...

I think I should win because I had to deal with a multitude of rude people at work today (I work in retail/foos service... yuck) and I didn't punch a single one in the face. Quite an accomplishment for me. Lol.

Sara M
sara_UFblog [at] yahoo [dot] com

Libri Vermis said...

My Hubby says I read too much, have too many books and then collects junk cars in the yard. We have about 20 sitting around in various states of decay! I have busted my chops trying help the place where I work bring in business, but they don't want to move out of the dark ages into the 21st century and now I'm going to be losing hours. Go figure, I put in more time and effort than the Director of Operations and the Marketing Director put together and my hours get cut. And the owner builds a new multi million dollar house. I need a new book to cheer me up. Actually I think I need a new job too, if anyone out there needs help!
janiceud @ yahoo dot com

Smokinhotbooks said...

*clearing throat* FYI I walked 2 miles to Borders juuuust to pick up Grimspace! All the way humming I would walkt 500 miles by the Proclaimers. I would add in the snow, since it was last Monday, but I live in Sunny So Cal and that would be cheating. Smeybooks challenged me to a reading duel and I'm so glad she did b/c I'm lovin what I'm reading so far. Grimspace I FRAGing love it!

smokinhotbooks AT gmail DOT com

Lori T said...

Congrats Ann on the success of the release of Doubleblind. I think that we all knew that it would do wonderfully!

Why should I win? Well clearly because I am a huge stalker...oh, I mean fan...of yours and I want this so badly and I am still waiting (very very impatiently might I add) for my copy to get here. Can you hear the frustrated screams??

Again, congrats!!

RKCharron said...

Hi :)
I ordered DOUBLEBLIND from BookDepository already.
But if it is AUTOGRAPHED, then I want it like a drowning man wants air.
All the best,

Pam P said...

Have to use the sympathy card, not currently working and having to wait for anything extra, and I sure don't want to have to wait longer to read this newest one until I can scrape up some extra dough. Family won't read this genre (they don't know what they are missing),so I can't borrow from them Used my last Amazon GC for my nephew's birthday because he wanted some 39 Clues book badly and counts on me to get books he wants for him since his mother sometimes makes him wait until his allowance builds him. So I had to be nice, he's a kid after all, and let him get his book fix first.

Princess Allie said...

I look forward to reading this! :)