Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Can you believe it--tomorrow is Halloween!

Even though I have never been a fan of being scared (I HATED those cheesy haunted houses you were trotted through as a child, especially ones where some misguided adult thought it would be funny to grab the unwitting blond kid) I've always loved Halloween.

The first Halloween I remember I was a ghost. I wore a pillow case. Yep, a pillow case and it reached my ankles. My best friend was also a ghost, but she was a female ghost with an apron. Other years we dug out costumes from around the house. Things like my mother's old Cinco de Mayo dress from high school, or a pieced together frontiersman outfit from my regular wardrobe. (I had an extensive collection of fringed purses, moccasins and such.)

Then in college I got a little more "real", but I still made my own outfits. One year I was a witch. I sewed gauzy scarves onto a black scoop necked shirt for sleeves and paired it with a skirt, hat, etc. I also remember a repeat of a childhood costume--go go dancer. (Except as a child I had the white vinyl boots, wow.)

Now I have kids to dress and I have to admit I have gotten lazy. I still can't bring myself to pay retail, even at Target, but I do regularly hit eBay.

So, how about you? What were your favorite costumes of years gone by...and if you were (or are) to dress up today, what would you be?

Here's a list of this year's hot costumes...Michael Jackson, anything Twilight/vampire, anything zombie, and for the kids set...transformers and princesses. Look for them! Oh, and I'm betting there will be more than one H1N1 virus slamming down some spiked punch somewhere...

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