Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Since ghosts inhabit my Pepper Martin mystery series and Halloween is my favorite day of the year, it only seems fitting to run a quiz all about the holiday! Try your luck and see how much you know about October 31.

1. Is a pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable?

a) fruit
b) vegetable
c) Can I saw "all of the above?"
d) Got me!

2. Halloween originated from a pagan Celtic holiday. What was the name of it?

a) Uh...Halloween?
b) Samhain
c) Summer's Over
d) I know nothing about pagan Celts, just hand over the Peeps!

3. When the Romans took over Britain, they transformed Samhain into a holiday honoring Pomona, the goddess of fruits and gardens. They considered one fruit sacred, and these days, the tradition of honoring her has been transformed into one bobbing for this item. What is it?

a) Pumpkins might be fruits, right? How about pumpkins?
b) Apples
c) In the Charlie Brown Halloween special, it was Snoopy!
d) Peeps

4. With the rise of Christianity, the holiday was changed again to honor the Eve of the next day, a Holy Day. That day is called

a) All Saints Day
b) All Souls Day
c) I Ate Too Many Peeps and My Stomach Hurts Day
d) Let’s Dig out the Snickers We Held Back from the Kids Day

5. What percentage of Americans say they decorate for Halloween?

a) 86%
b) 99%
c) 15%
d) What? You mean not everyone has a Halloween shower curtain?

6. What percentage of pumpkins grown in the US are used for jack-o-lanterns?

a) 86%
b) 99%
c) 15%
d) All the ones that don’t get smashed

7. The first official Halloween observance in the US was in 1921 in

a) Hey, Cleveland rocks! It must have been Cleveland
b) New Orleans
c) Anoka, Minnesota
d) New York City

8. Jack-o-lanterns were originally used because people thought their light would frighten away ghosts. The first jack-o-lanterns were carved from

a) Duh! Pumpkins
b) Turnips
c) Marble
d) Peeps. Big Peeps

9. Which company runs a "Flavor Graveyard" on its website?

a) Peeps
b) M&Ms
c) Ben & Jerry’s
d) Jello

10. What is Casey Daniels’ favorite holiday?

a) Her birthday
b) Christmas
c) St. Patrick’s Day
d) Halloween


1. A. Pumpkins are fruits. They are members of the gourd family which includes cucumbers, squash and melons

2. B. Samhain. To the Celts, the word means, "End of Summer." They believed that on Samhain, the veils was thinnest between the world of the living and that of the dead.

3. B. Apples. Even though Lucy did lock lips with Snoopy when she bobbed!

4. A. All Saints Day. That’s how the name "Halloween" came about. The next day is "all hallows," = all that is holy = all saints. So the night before is Hallows Eve.

5. A. 86%

6. B. 99%

7. Anoka, Minnesota. That had to be the right answer, I couldn’t have made that one up!

8. B. Turnips. Leave it to the Irish!

9. C. Ben & Jerry’s. If you haven’t been there, check it out. Very cute.

10. That’s an easy one. Pass the Peeps!

Today at 1 o'clock, I'll be signing copies of my Pepper Martin mysteries at the Waldenbooks at Great Northern Mall, North Olmsted, Ohio. Stop by!

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Angie Fox said...

Too fun, Casey! Now excuse me while I go carve a turnip...