Thursday, October 15, 2009

What a Deal!!!

Have I got some deals for you!! First of all, for all you collectors out there, I'm posting an announcement that I received from one of our guest bloggers, author Stephen Zimmer. It is as follows:

Seventh Star Press proudly announces the release of CROWN OF VENGEANCE, the first book in the new epic fantasy series FIRES IN EDEN, by author Stephen Zimmer (THE EXODUS GATE).

To commemorate the forthcoming release, publisher Seventh Star Press is offering pre-order packages for CROWN OF VENGEANCE, including a very special, limited edition hardcover version that is strictly limited to 100 copies.

To ensure full authenticity, the limited edition hardcover will be hand-numbered and signed by Stephen Zimmer, and also signed by editor Amanda DeBord and illustrator/cover artist Matt Perry. It will include an extra illustration, and designation plate as a limited edition within the book.

Both the limited edition hardcover and first edition trade paperback pre-orders come with a special package of collectibles, including a numbered set of art cards, a collectible set of 12 bookmarks, and a full color poster of the cover art.

Information on the pre-ordering options can be found at the new site for the FIRES IN EDEN series, located at

For information on the publisher visit, and for the author visit

Below is one of the numbered art cards included in the set. And btw, guys, we've got the scoop on this image. For the next ten days, it's only going to be posted on selected sites...Something Wicked is one of them!

Now to whet your interest, here's the synopsis:

On a night that begins no different from any other, strange mists engulf Janus Roland, Erika Laesig, Mershad Shahab, and several others going about their lives in a quiet midwestern town. When the mist dissipates, they all find themselves looking up into the bright skies of a new, incredible world.

Without explanation of why it has happened, or any notion of where they are, they embark upon a grand adventure within the fantastical world of Ave. Some find themselves in the lands of the Saxan Kingdom, while others have emerged within the lands of the Onan, one of the tribes in the Five Realms confederation.

Storms of war loom over both Saxany and the Five Realms, as invasion forces mass under the inspiration of The Unifier, a mysterious, captivating figure whose influence has swept across the surface of Ave ever since His rise to power in the Gallean duchy of Avanor. It is a war that will be fought in the skies, upon the seas, on land, and even in places non-physical in nature.

A majestic, epic fantasy that begins many adventures and journeys across a diverse and enthralling world, filled with races and creatures both familiar and new, CROWN OF VENGEANCE lights the flame of the FIRES IN EDEN series, bringing to life a bold, far-ranging, and grand new venture within the realms of fantasy literature.

Sounds good, doesn't it?? Want a free copy??? Stephen is graciously offering two!! Post a comment today and your name will be entered in the drawing. Then on November 1st a signed CROWN OF VENGEANCE from Stephen will be winging its way to two lucky winners!!

Okay, that's deal #1!! Here's deal #2...over at The Book Resort on, Diane is hosting an Ophelia and Abby Week as part of her "Countdown to Halloween" starting Sunday, October 18th thru Saturday, October 24th. Stop by, check out the fun interview I did with Diane, and enter to win a signed copy of WITCH WAY TO MURDER! But that's not all folks!! Not only will all posters today be entered in Stephen's giveaway, but I'll also give away two signed copies of WITCH WAY TO MURDER to celebrate Ophelia and Abby having their own week. (In case you already have a copy, don't let that stop you from entering...WITCH WAY TO MURDER would be a perfect Halloween gift! 9))

That's it for this week!! Have a good one and I'll post the four lucky winners' names next week!!!



RKCharron said...

Hi :)
Thank you for the chance to win such excellent novels!
All the best,
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Linda Henderson said...

Would love to win these great books. Count me in.

Diane M. said...

It sounds like a book that I could share with my teenager.

Mitz said...

Sounds great, would love to win.