Saturday, October 10, 2009

Publishing a book is a funny thing. I think I’ve got that part down pat now that my 45th book, "Dead Man Talking" is officially out (thanks for the give-away, Angie!) and in bookstores everywhere.

But here’s the thing. I wrote "Dead Man Talking" a while ago. So long ago, in fact, that I’m having trouble thinking when it might have been. Wait! I just remembered. I turned the book in last October 11. Almost one year to the day.

And I’ve written two other books since and have started a couple proposals and the outline for Pepper Martin mystery #7.

So you’re going to have to excuse me if you come up to me at one of my upcoming signings, ask a question about "Dead Man Talking," and it takes me a while to answer. Especially with a series, keeping track of who’s doing what, when and in which book gets a little hard.

Speaking of signings, I’ve got two of them coming up this weekend.

Today (Saturday) at 2, I’ll be at Joseph Beth Books in Lyndhurst, Ohio, one of a group of paranormal, sci fi and mystery authors.

And on Sunday, October 11, I’ll be taking part in the Meet the Neighbors event at Cleveland’s Monroe Street Cemetery at 2 in the afternoon. Monroe Street is the scene of Pepper’s newest adventure, and I’ll be there to show folks around and (of course), sign books. The event is sponsored by the Friends of Monroe Street Cemetery, and since it’s a fundraiser, there is a charge. Call 216-961-0563 for ticket information. This year’s theme is Crime and Punishment, and costumed re-enactors will be talking not only about the people buried at Monroe Street, but the crimes that put them in the ground.

Of you're in the Cleveland area, stop by!

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RKCharron said...

Hi Casey :)
Thank you for sharing here today.
Have a wonderful weekend & great signings!
All the best,