Sunday, November 1, 2009

The first rule of fight club...

Hi, I'd like to welcome Lisa Kessler to the blog. She's an aspiring writer taking part in Paranormal Fight Club, a contest where aspiring writers battle it out to er...have me read their manuscript and coach them on it. Yeah, that part is kind of embarrassing. Fighting over the Fox. But it's a great contest and I'm honored as heck to be the prize.
And now that we're down to the final two, I thought I'd invite them to Something Wicked. Only they must obey the Second Rule of Paranormal Fight Club - no grand battles in the middle of the blog. Do you know how hard it is to get vampire blood out of the drapes?
Hi Angie!
Thanks so much for the spot on your Something Wicked blog!
I’m here to beg for votes… ahem… I mean encourage readers to join in the fun of the Final Round of the Paranormal Fight Club!
What is the Paranormal Fight Club? I'm so glad you asked!
Cue the Rocky fanfare
The Paranormal Fight Club is the newest writing contest sponsored by the Romance in the Backseat book review site. We started back at the first week of October with eight not-yet-published paranormal romance writers.
We all began our tales with the same writing prompt, but every story developed completely differently. Each week we posted a new chapter of our ongoing stories and readers voted for their favorites, with everyone battling for a fabulous grand prize… A chance to have NYT Best-selling author Angie Fox critique our manuscript!
So each week the two writers with the fewest votes were cut. And now we’re down to the Final Two. (It is a Fight Club so think vicious!)
I’m kidding. The camaraderie between all the writers in the Paranormal Fight Club has been inspirational. I’ve made new friends and really enjoyed the exercise of pacing a story to have four distinct acts.
When I started this journey, two characters popped to mind, but they weren't the ones I expected. I thought I was going to write about vampires, but instead I wrote about Talia, a Princess from Summerland who crossed the Veil into our world to escape an arranged marriage, and Keth the man who broke her heart to save her life.
Across the Veil grew into a love story that I never saw coming, but that made it incredibly fun to write.
I hope it’s equally enjoyable to read too! Stop by when you can, and don’t forget to vote
Thanks again to Angie Fox for her time and the space on her blog! And thanks to Romance in the Backseat for organizing such a fun contest.
Lisa Kessler – Across the Veil

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