Monday, November 30, 2009

A New Definition of Busy

Hello, holiday rush,

I really can't say I've missed you. I usually put aside most writing tasks during the holidays, because I know me. I don't ever get anything done. I love this time of year, and usually my time is spent entertaining, cooking, cleaning, decorating, and doing a ton of other holiday tasks that just don't happen unless I do them.

It's funny how I just can't let them go. I'm not willing to not have a holiday because I threw in the towel. And so I trudge on with a cheery heart.

I do love this time of year and I take great pride in what I consider all the creative endeavors of the holidays, from inventing a new twist on cranberry sauce, to decorating cookies.

But all that expended creative energy leaves me completely drained, and I just can't seem to write.

So how do you do it? Who out there gets more productive this time of year?

Any tips on streamlining the endless holiday tasks?


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