Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Norman Rockwell eat your heart out

This past Sunday, we had an early Thanksgiving. My husband and had been talking about the rush we go through every year (and how he gets no leftovers after we make the rounds of our relatives). And wouldn't it be great to have a day just to relax? So we decided to have our own mini-feast.

No frills. Just turkey and dressing and a few sides. And pie. Had to have the pie. So just a basic dinner and pie. Of course you have to have the cranberry mush. So we added that. And no dress code. Every year we dress up. So Thanksgiving at our house would be super casual. My daughter took this literally and showed up for dinner in her nightgown.

Of course it wasn't exactly Norman Rockwell. Our bird wasn't quite as impressive. And it started dripping on the floor as soon as my husband tried to carve it. The dog thought that was great. She was in heaven, licking it up. We should have stopped her, but it was funny and if you're entertaining in our house, you get a pass. Of course as soon as she gets really going, we realize the turkey is still dripping a bit and now the dog has grease all over the top of her head.

But she had fun. We had a blast and we got just what we wanted - a relaxing holiday. Now on to the real one...!

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