Monday, December 28, 2009

Fun Contest!

Hi everyone!

First, I wanted to say Happy Holidays to everyone. I hope this season brought lots of joy and laughter, and some peace to those who have a hard time during this season.

For the new year, I thought I'd have some fun.

Here are the things I'm going to get done in 2010.

#1 Clean the basement
#2 Get a new contract
#3 Find my evil twin and defeat her once and for all
#4 Start scrapbooking again
#5 Find Atlantis
#6 Interview Oprah for my blog
#7 Be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars
#8 Tend my new butterfly garden
#9 Invent a time machine
#10 Be named supreme ruler of the Xarnet galaxy

Sounds like fun!

You know what else is fun? Winning books. I'm giving away winner's choice of a signed copy of Beyond the Rain, or an exclusive excerpt from my upcoming book, Beyond the Shadows today at the Bradford Bunch. All you have to do is ask me a question. It should be entertaining. Hope to see you there!

Happy New Year!



RKCharron said...

Hi Jess :)
Thank you for the update post!
Happy Holidays!

Casey said...

When you rule Xarnet, can we be your minions?

Lori T said...

Hi Jess~

Wow, you do have a busy year planned and if it goes as quickly as this year had better hurry!

So, have you seen this evil twin and when you guys fight are there going to be fancy costumes (ok, I know there is probably a better word, but I am drawing a blank at the moment)? If so, what will they look like?

Jess Granger said...

LOL, just to be clear, the questions contest is taking place at the Bradford Blog all this week. Follow the link or got to

and ask a question for your chance to win.

And when I rule Xarnet, I could use some good minions, so Casey, you're in.

As for my evil twin, I haven't seen her yet, but I'm pretty sure she's the one responsible for the obnoxious typos I catch in copy edits. Someone is getting on my computer and adding them in, because I sure as heck didn't write them... :)