Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Joy of Reading

Okay, I'll admit it...I get bored easily. Once I read that someone who finds themselves in that situation frequently has a "small" mind. If that's truly the case, then mine must be about the size of a walnut! With my lack of mobility over the past few weeks, I've had to face my boredom repeatedly. (It's amazing how much of what we do requires bending, lifting, and stooping!!) I've also had to face that Vicodin and creativity don't go hand in hand. (It's hard to be creative when said creativity is a little on the foggy side, so spending a lot of time writing hasn't been too much of an option either.)

So how have I been amusing myself?? Well, I've watched movies; sewed (at last count I'm up to ten throw pillows); done as much house cleaning as I can; and read. A LOT! Sci Fi/Fantasy; Romance; Mystery; Anthologies...C.J. Box; Nora Roberts; Elizabeth Peters; Bill Bryson; Jim Butcher. I've borrowed anything that I could get my hands on, plus made a trip to the bookstore to add to my supply. As a result, instead of being hemmed in by four walls, I've spent time via these books in Colorado, 19th Century England, Alera, and right now, I'm following the intrepid Vicki Bliss and her art thief (reformed) boyfriend, Sir John Tregarth, around Europe and Egypt as they try and discover just who stole Tutankhamon's mummy.

I've also, from a writer's perspective, spent time thinking about what makes these books special and so entertaining to me. They're all very different. For example, in a love scene, Nora Roberts gets right to it, if you know what I mean, where as Elizabeth Peters only "alludes" to what happens between the hero and heroine, yet I love both of these authors. So is it the characters? The settings? The snappy dialogue? The turn of a phrase? I don't know...I wish I did...all I know is that each one has helped turn what could've been a long, boring day into something interesting.

How about you? Have you ever considered why your favorite books are "favorites"? What is it about a particular read that makes you sad when you reach the words, "The End"?

That's it for this week...time to go catch up with Vicki and John!!! Happy reading and have a good one!


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Casey said...

I love Vickie Bliss! She's smart, sassy and daring and Peters gives her plots with lots of twists and turns.