Thursday, January 14, 2010

Due to Technical Difficulties...

Yeah, I know...I missed again last Thursday! Only this time it truly wasn't my modem decided to burn out and I was without the Internet for one, very long week while a new one was being shipped! (they said it would be here the next day, but they lied!) As a result, I now have approximately 1700 (I kid you not!) emails to plow through! And the timing for my modem to suddenly go bye-bye??? Not so good! THE SEVENTH WITCH is coming out in a week and a half, and there are just a few things I need to do online!

Now beyond just the inconvenience that being without service causes me in my personal life, I really find this dependence on technology kind of scary. I read somewhere that technology is making our tasks easier, but our lives harder. And I'm afraid I have to agree. I'm never "caught up" (refer to those 1700 emails!). It seems that the more technology we acquire, the more things we have to do.

Am I going to ditch all this "stuff" and go back to a simpler time, without all the gadgets? Not bloody likely! I enjoy the benefits too much...I have my own personal trainer, in the comfort of my own home, thanks to my Wii; I can reach out and touch someone any time, any where, courtesy of my handy-dandy cell phone; I can order anything I want and have it delivered right to my door, without braving the crowds...AND I can even shop in my jammies; plus I have the privilege of meeting readers from all over the world via the blogs. So like many other situations, I'm just going to have to deal with it...use technology without letting it use me. Sounds good, doesn't it...I'll let you know how it works out! *g*

That's it for this week...I need to take a look at those emails! Oh, and btw, stop back next celebrate THE SEVENTH WITCH'S release, I'm going to do a contest!! Take care and have a good one!


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Blodeuedd said...

Yay congrats on the soon release :D