Sunday, January 24, 2010

Frazzled and Fragmented...

Every year, actually a couple of times a year, I reevaluate everything I'm doing. It is that time again, and this year I've decided I've let myself get too fragmented which is making me frazzled. I'm like a crow. I see a sparkly fun idea or opportunity and I jump on it. Unfortunately keeping track of all those fun sparkly things starts to get stressful. And that is where I am at.

So, I'm bringing it back in...leaving this blog and some others in the hope that I will use that time to blog more on my own site, produce a better newsletter of my own and hey, maybe write! Yeah, writing. That would be good.

Anyway, I wanted to stop by today, say goodbye and thank all of you for welcoming me into your little corner of the Internet. If you miss me, I'm not far away. I hope to be blogging back at my own site three times a week with actual planned out posts...rather than the mind leaks I've tended to give you here. So, stop by and say hi. And I'll be sure to drop in here too!

Happy writing and reading to all!



Angie Fox said...

We're going to miss you, Lori! Still, it'll be fun stopping by your personal blog to see you. Best of luck on the de-frazzling!


Lori Devoti said...

Thanks, Angie!