Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to the King

Today is Elvis' birthday. The day Elvis died is one of those days that I remember where I was when I heard the news. I was standing in my dining room (I can see the red vinyl and the oak sideboard) and a friend of my sister's who was a huge Elvis fan was over. As you know, this was in the 70's when he wasn't thought of in quite the same way he had been a decade earlier. It seemed unfair for him to die in that spot of time. He was the King, then he became the butt of jokes, then he was gone.

But Elvis was King. He was the kind of celebrity that I doubt we will ever have again. The only person I can think of who rivals him is Michael Jackson, but both of them rose to stardom in a different era--in a time when we just didn't have as many choices as we do today.

I grew up with two TV channels--three if the atmosphere was "just" right. Of course, I watched the Jackson Five, both live and animated. And I listened to whatever was on the radio--I didn't have the option of going to iTunes and downloading a garage band only a few hundred other people had heard of.

So, Happy Birthday to the King. I believe your reign will go unrivaled. I haven't decided if that is good or bad. Maybe I'll chat about that next week. What do you think? And where were you when you heard Elvis had truly left the building?

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Daelith said...

Memphis is my home town so that's where I was. It was like a dark cloud fell over this city again. I remember so many people being just stunned and in disbelief about it. We were just so used to him and Priscilla being such fixtures in our town. I can remember seeing a pregnant Priscilla hanging out at the Southland Mall when I was a kid.

I remember those old cartoons of the Jackson Five. I used to watch the Osmonds myself.