Monday, January 25, 2010

Read? If I Must...

This year is my first year judging the Ritas,

I'm not saying anything more than I am judging, but I realized something. Lately I haven't read anything unless I had to read it. That is very sad. I love reading. Perhaps that is part of the problem. I get so sucked into books I'm reading, I don't look up.

That can be a problem with small children, a dog, two cats and a hubby underfoot. Once when I was in college, I actually ran into a pole because I tried to read and walk at the same time. Yeah, not such a good idea.

I get so absorbed in what I'm reading, my focus completely blocks out everything else. I wish I could be that way when I write, but any little thing can pull me away from my own words. I have to fight for concentration. But if I'm reading something I haven't written, I fall away into a brand new world.

I love that.

I guess I have to acknowledge that it is a bit of an addiction. I have eight books to read for the Ritas. I got them on Thursday, I think. It might have been Friday. I don't remember, because immediately my nose fell into a book, and it has been stuck there for days. I've already powered through three of them, and now my eyeballs ache. I know I won't give it a rest either, because I have to read them. I'm obligated. Lucky, lucky, me.

What is extra fun is I get to read a genre of books I haven't read in a long time. It's like coming back to a town I used to live in and seeing old friends. Old friends in kilts. Old friends in fancy ball gowns. Old friends on horseback.

It's nice to be back.

So how do I find some balance? How do I put a book down and stop thinking about it until I pick it up again? Honestly, people, how do I get some sleep?

Any advice would be helpful at this point. I'm tired.

But I'm happy.

Happy reading everyone,



Angie Fox said...

LOL No advice for you there. I'm in RITA book heaven as well. I read two of them over the weekend, along with one of Jim Butcher's Dresden books, just for fun. It was a good weekend. :)

Jess Granger said...

You know, I could do a whole different post on all the things that keep going through my head knowing there are ten people out there that have to read my books right now. I wonder what they're thinking.

I hope they're having as much fun as I am.

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

Wanting to satisfy my curiosity enough to get to sleep got me started peeking ahead to follow particular storylines. {pause}

What can I say? Peeking ahead - whether following a story line or not - is an effective way for me to break enough tension to sleep before dawn. However, it gets enough horrified looks and protests that I'm doing something horrid that I hesitate to recommend it to anyone else. {half smile}

Karla said...

Zero advice from me as well. A few times when I've been reading, my family has had to eat toaster waffles. That's all the time away from the book I could manage. :)