Friday, January 15, 2010

Social Networking What Clicks With You?

Some friends and I got into a conversation today about various social networking sites and which ones we like or don't like and what we expect from them/find at them.

I have to admit I've tried pretty much every social network invented. If I wasn't an author, I don't know that I would have, but even before I started writing I hung out on a few forums. So, maybe....

Anyway, last year I dropped Bebo and another site I can't even remember--which just shows how little I visited it. This year, I may scale down more. Because honestly just knowing I have a page out there somewhere not being updated is stressful to me--another guilt cloud constantly looming. And, as I've discussed before, I really don't need anymore guilt in my life. Who does?

For the record, there are really only two social networks I love and visit daily. Those are Twitter and Facebook. I love them so much, I find it hard to understand how others don't. Yes there are a ton of authors on them (especially Facebook) who want to be my "friend" for the sole purpose of selling me their book, and yes, if I had a stalker boyfriend he could find me there, but I also find and meet people who want to actually chat with me or who I would never have found and kept up with otherwise. To me that makes all the bad worthwhile. And honestly, hate to tell the just trying to sell me something people, but I ignore all their "invites" without even reading them and if they get too obnoxious, blithefully (without a trace of guilt) delete or block them from my life.

That's one thing social networking offers you that real life can't. Push a button delete. Cold? Yes. At times sweet? For sure.

So, how about you? Which social networking sites do you love? And which should you remove from your life? I know I've got a few targeted for the latter...


Angie Fox said...

I'm a Facebook person. Sure, it can suck up a few hours, but you know? I'm having fun so I consider it recreation.

Yes, it's annoying when people try to sell me things, but if they do it too much I block them without a trace of guilt. Most of the time, though, it's a great way to connect with friends and have fun. And play Vampire Wars. I LOVE Vampire Wars.

Karla said...

Facebook addict here. I like playing Scrabble with people who are hours away. And the book sharing group I'm in. And the chat. I LOVE the chat!

One thing I hate about Facebook are the friend requests from people who are clearly just collectors. Talk to me, people! Message me, comment on my pictures, like my status... do something! (Except poke me. Please don't poke me.)

No contact = automatic friend drop. Not the best networking strategy, I know. :)

Blodeuedd said...

I spend too much time on facbook and Twitter, but I have kind of moved away from my FB and twitter addiction now which is great.

Still Farmville haunts me

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

For playing games, including ones that let you pretend you're interacting with real people, Facebook is great. {odd smile}

For actually exchanging ideas with real, living people, I much prefer LiveJournal. Many folks consider it more of a funny blog tha a social network, but it lets you choose who you share what with in a way that bogs never do, and Facebook still hasn't got right. Plus, it lets you do so with a lot more words than Facebook's status updates. {Smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

Jess Granger said...

I'm on Facebook, and I like it. I played Pirates for a while, but got tired of it. I do like playing Pathwords.

I don't feel like I update it enough, but I try to not just do promo things on there.

I like Twitter because it is fast and easy, and I don't get 100 requests to accept a pig from my neighbor.