Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Art of Diddling

Did-dle: To waste time; dawdle

Last week I participated in an online interview over at Amberkatze's Book Blog (Angie's there this week!), and one of the questions was-"what's my routine?" I paused for a moment and thought about it then had to confess that a lot of it involves "diddling." Yes, as I've said before, I'm a master diddler! After I 'fessed up to that, my next thought was "why?" Like everyone else, it's not like I don't have enough to do...I'm working on two short stories and a manuscript; I'm short staffed at my day job and working six days a week while we go through the hiring process; in addition to some major "book" events, I've a couple of speaking engagements coming up and really should be preparing for them; I've a couple of more blog interviews on the horizon... Well, you get the picture!

So why am I wasting time...dawdling...when my plate is so full? Here's what I's avoidance!!! If I diddle around enough then I don't have to think about all the things I should be doing. How's this working for me??? Umm...not so good! My diddling only puts me that much farther behind. My only hope at this point is to avoid that which I like to diddle with. And it can be summed up in one word...the Internet!!!

Here's my top five ways to horse around on the Internet:

1. Mafia Wars-this fall I became absolutely obsessed with this Facebook game! I'd play for hours!! (However since I was off work for four weeks, I got over it and haven't played for a long time...and to be honest...kind of scared to go back...a little worried that I'll get hooked again! *g*)

2. Websites linked to Infomercials. I'll see "just" the product I need on TV then check out their websites. I read all the product reviews, research the product on other websites, then wind up not buying it because it most likely doesn't live up to its claims.

3. Weather reports. This winter has been awful!! I swear...we've had some type of storm every week since the beginning of December! So now I check out the forecast, look at the maps, read the ten day forecast-all the time gnashing my teeth that Spring seems so far away.

4. Emailing friends. Someone once told me that emails are supposed to be direct and to the point. Well, mine aren't!! If I ever complied all the emails that I've written to my writer buddies, I'm sure it would be the length of a novel!!

5. And last but not least, useless research. I've always been a curious sort of person, and when I see some obscure fact in a documentary, in a movie, etc., I must know more about it! I'll look it up on the Internet and read every stinking thing written about the subject! These facts never come up in conversation; nobody but me really cares about it; and I'll probably never use the information in a book, but what can I say??? Enquiring minds want to know!!!

That's my list-how about you? Do you have any favorite ways to diddle???

That's it for this week-everyone take care and see you next Thursday!!


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Elie said...

Lol, I end up didling around my blog, frequently. Other than that, on the internet...I avoid facebook that is like a dark vortex that sucks you in...baaaddd.