Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The big LOST leak

Does everyone know what tonight is? If you're a Lost fan you do. We're heading in the final season in what I think is one of the most brilliantly written shows on television. Not only do you have drama and surprise polar bears, but the characters are brilliant and deep and some are quite sexy as well.

And now something very intriguing has happened. Someone at the network leaked the first hour of the show online. Usually this means thousands of eager fans downloading and eager to watch. But the opposite has happened. Nobody wants to spoil the surprise. Fans want the whole episode, tonight, or nothing at all. That intrigues me because I think if I'd known about this a few days ago, I'd want a sneak peek. Of course I also try to find my Christmas gifts early too, so there you go.

Instead of ruining the surprise mere hours before the show is on, I've been checking out Jorge Garcia's blog (he plays Hurley on Lost), and of course the Lostpedia.

And perhaps if I post a Sawyer quote on here, I'll stop looking those up online. This is one of my favorites:
Kate: What do you want, Sawyer?
Sawyer: Freckles, I've got so many answers to that question I wouldn't even know where to start.

And so the countdown begins... Are you watching tonight?

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Elie said...

Yes, as a matter of fact you just reminded me to check my dvr. Thanks