Monday, February 15, 2010

Fun in the Snow

I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday off, for those who get this day off. I'm sorry I missed last week. It was such a Monday, I forgot it was Monday.

I know we used to have two holidays for president's birthdays, but I kinda like the consolidated nature of President's Day. It is simple and straight forward that way. It's also a good day to get stuff done. I was going to clean out the basement today, but it looks like I'll be shoveling snow, again.

I know we haven't had it half as bad as some of the rest of the country, but for a California girl who recently came from Florida, this is a lot of snow. I thought I'd share some pictures for the fun of it, and wish everyone out there a day filled with warm socks and hot chocolate.

For those who are also stuck in a world of wintery white, let's swap stories? Anyone had to shovel a roof yet? I've got to go and break icicles today. I'm pretty sure one of them could ride The Tower of Terror at Disney World if it wanted.

I'm a little nervous about that. There's nothing like loosening a two and a half foot long ice dagger and sending it falling over twenty feet to the ground, where you're standing. I wonder if we have a hard hat anywhere. I think I could use it. I'm a little worried about damaging the air conditioner. Any tips for sending icicles where they need to go? I'm pretty sure one is already embedded in the wood of our deck.

The one thing I am looking forward to is watching my dog romp in the snow, and fixing up our poor little snowman out front. He was looking pretty cute, and he certainly has been with us for a while, but the poor little guy could use a makeover. If we get a good amount of snow from this storm, I bet we could make him another three feet tall if we wanted.

The one thing I really need is a sled. I haven't been sledding in years. Since we used to go up into the Sierras to go sledding, it was always an adventure, because the hills were so wickedly steep. I've had my fair share of crashes, but luckily, no serious injuries, even from the time I flipped completely over and landed on my tummy on a snow bank.

I wished we'd recorded that, I'm sure it looked hysterical.

So for all of us stuck in the snow, let's have some fun. I'm starting to get twitchy for spring, but I have to admit, it's awfully pretty outside.

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Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

That is very pretty snow. {Smile}

You're right. That snowman does need a little help. {SMILE}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin