Thursday, February 25, 2010

Upcoming Events!

Absolutely nothing has happened this week that's even remotely interesting!!! So what do I blog about today? Well, if I can't blog about the "now", I'll blog about the future.

It does hold some excitement. Come May 3rd, I'll be attending Mystery Lovers Bookshop's Festival of Mystery in Oakmont PA. It's a great event and one that I look forward to every year. Not only is it fun to meet all the readers, but it also gives me a chance to catch up on what's new with other authors! (Shout out to Casey...hope Richard and Mary Alice seat us next to each other again!!! We were good girls last year! *g*)

This is a huge event and requires Richard and Mary Alice to basically set up a whole bookstore for one night. Each year I'm amazed at their organizational skills, and kudos to them for running the event so seamlessly!

Here's a list of the authors who'll be attending:

Madelyn Alt
Hannah Dennison
Sandra Parshall

Donna Andrews
Irene Fleming
Nancy Pickard

Sarah Atwell
Beth Groundwater
Jason Pinter

Lorna Barrett
Robin Harlick
Sara Rosett

Carrie Bebris
Rosemary Harris
Hank Phillippi Ryan

Cordelia Biddle
L.C. Hayden
Joanna Campbell Slan

Miranda Bliss
Sue Ann Jaffarian
Wallace Stroby

Robin Burcell
Laurie King
Leann Sweeney

Kate Carlisle
John Lamb
Marcia Talley

Elizabeth Lynn Casey
Tom Lowe
Heather Terrell

Ellen Crosby
Nancy Martin
Elaine Viets

Sheila Connolly
Judy McCoy
Wendy Lyn Watson

Shirley Damsgaard
Beverle Graves Myers
Heather Webber

Casey Daniels
Kevin O'Brien
Jenny White

Lila Dare
Alan Orloff
Nancy Means Wright
C. William Davis III
Brad Parks
Vicki Delany

So if any of you are in the area, please stop by! Casey and I would love to meet you!

Everyone have a great upcoming weekend and see you next Thursday!


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Casey said...

I always look forward to this event. It's fabulous. As is sitting next to Shirley!