Monday, March 1, 2010

Goodbye Olympics

I'm sad to see you go. I have loved you from the time I was very small. Every four years, I get to learn something new, like curling. I just figured out the sport this year watching the Canadian and Swedish women battle it out. It makes me wonder how a fairly simple game that probably started with a bunch of ice fishermen sliding things across the ice into someone's hole ended up such a strange and graceful display of precision. (Note: I do not know how curling was invented, but that's my best guess.)

I really enjoyed hockey this year. While the gold medal match was a heart breaker for us down below, boy it was exciting to send that game into overtime. I love hockey. I watch a lot of college hockey, and watching the Olympics is amazing because the international game is so much better than the NHL game. (Note: the NHL game has gotten better post strike.) It is a lot of fun to see amazing skaters focused on a clean game instead of conflict. Man, it's so exciting.

I was riveted by cross country skiing. I watched the competitors collapse at the finish line, completely spent, and I was amazed that they redefined "giving their all." What a feat of pure athletic power. It's unbelievable.

But more than anything, I love seeing all the flags. I love that the world can stand shoulder to shoulder with one another, be happy, and have fun. The Olympics is everything that is good about living in such a diverse planet. I can't wait for them to return.

What was your favorite Olympic moment this year?



Moonsanity said...

I loved watching the snowboarders, especially the girls, they were so upbeat and so supportive of each other. As far as the opening ceremonies I adored the "punk" Irish fiddler dancers. BAHAHAHA

Jess Granger said...

I thought that was so Canadian, I loved it too.

I didn't see much of the girls snowboarding, but I watched the guys. That would scare me to death to do that.

Moonsanity said...

I know, I am so amazed at the skiing and the snowboarding. That one ski event where they go up a ramp thing then do twists and flips before landing is just crazy. I still have to watch the closing ceremonies. We DVR'd it so we could watch it with the kids:)

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

I'm there for the figure skating. {smile} With my severe, permanent vertigo, I cannot imagine the grace they show in a clean, well-executed skate. However, I can see it if they skate well, and I can remember it afterwards. I was delighted that this year, the gold medal winners all skated clean, as did many other medal winners and near medal winners. {Smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

Jess Granger said...

Yeah, that was fun. I've got to admit, I'm a bit addicted to the snow-cross events where they're all careening down the hill at the same time. There's nothing like a race to the finish, when you know you're ahead of the other dude, because he's right there.