Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Night!

I wasn't going to watch the Academy awards, mostly because I haven't seen a single movie all year. Oh, wait. I saw Star Trek. How could I not? Anyway, I used to watch movies all the time and I've always loved the Oscars, but I no longer have the time to take four hours out of a day, and I'm getting old. Sitting in a theater makes my knees ache.

That said, I still love movies, and I decided to watch the awards because I couldn't help it. So I'm going to weigh in on the Hollywood Prom, and here are my opinions from someone who didn't watch any movies, (except for Star Trek).

The Hosts: I love Steve Martin, and I like Alec Baldwin well enough. I thought it would be fun to have them host the Oscars together, but through most of it, I thought their humor was a bit mean-spirited. I almost felt as if I were watching a roast when no one wanted to be at a roast. There were moments. I laughed at the little bit of them sharing a bed, because it was silly, but overall, I'd like to see a tone that is a little more light and self mocking instead of mocking mocking.

The Best Dress: Hmmm, for me it was a toss up. I loved Kate Winslet's silver dress. I loved the shape and structure of the top, and the silver looked very flattering on her. She had the grace and elegance of modern royalty in that dress. I also loved Rachel McAdams. I think it is hard to pull off a print at the Oscars, but what a way to do it. Everything about it floated, from the layers of the skirt, to the soft and watery colors. It was classic, elegant, yet stood out and looked very flattering on her. It was an excellent choice.

The Worst Dress: I know there were some that were a bit different, ahem, Sarah Jessica Parker, but I'm not opposed to different. What bugs me is when a dress doesn't suit the wearer. So Miley Cyrus, sorry girl, I didn't think that dress worked for you. The way the top was cut looked awkward and lumpy. It didn't flatter the waist, and you looked uncomfortable in it. Your shoulders hunched forward the whole time which didn't help. Put your chin up, sweetheart, your shoulders back, and next time, go for something with a little simpler cut.

Hair: What is up with all the little frizzies? Is that honestly going to be a trend? Because I've wasted a ton of time trying to tame my hair and smooth it for formal events if that is the case. I hope this is a fad that stops tomorrow, to be honest.

Funniest Moment: Ben Stiller in the Avatar makeup. That was the tone that the whole show should have had. I'm nominating Ben Stiller for host next year.

Nicest Moment: I liked having the people stand up and spew the awesomeness of the best actor and actress nominees. I thought that was sweet.

Coolest Moment: I enjoyed the dances to the nominated scores. They were amazing.

And that's about all the thoughts I have for right now, but I'd love to talk Oscars for anyone else who watched. It was fun.


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