Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day

I come from a family of jokesters. The Damsgaard side has a long tradition of practical jokes-my father and my uncle in particular. My uncle, now in his eighties, has his own dribble glass, fake puke, and whoopee cushion. And my father, when he was alive, was known for the lengths he would go to in order to fool someone. In honor of April Fools Day, I thought I'd share some of the highlights.

My father, rising earlier than the rest of the family, took it upon himself to catch all of my grandmother's chickens. Once caught, he tucked their heads under their wings thus putting them to sleep. When my grandmother arose, she looked out the window to find the yard littered with the round, white bodies of sleeping chickens. (The story ends at this point, so I don't know what exactly happened to my father. I have heard that my grandmother was not amused!!)

My uncle is the youngest child in a family with five older girls and he delighted in harassing his sisters. Once, as a young boy, he came up with the brilliant idea of squirting some Hershey's chocolate on the sidewalk, making it look like one of the geese had chosen that particular spot to do its business. He then bet my Aunt Dot a quarter that he'd lick it up. She fell for it and he followed through. (I believe her response was something in Danish about what kind of child my uncle was.)

Another "uncle joke". While on a visit to Minnesota, I made the mistake of being photographed holding a full pitcher of Grain Belt Beer. In the picture, it looks like I'm about to down the whole thing. I forgot about the picture until a few months later when my aunt and uncle made a trip to Iowa. My uncle had decorated their car with a blown up picture of me...and the pitcher of beer... taped to the doors. (I looked ready for rehab, btw.) He also had Merle Haggard (not one of my favorite artists) blaring from the radio. The song..."Are the Good Times Really Over." Oh, and did I mention that prior to arriving at my house, he'd driven through town so everyone could see his handiwork???

Concerning the above story-have you ever heard that revenge is best savored cold?? Well, a couple of years later, when Jessie Ventura was Governor and happened to be a politician my uncle couldn't stand, I played my own little trick. I found a picture of Jessie in all his Wrestlemania glory-feather boa, sunglasses, etc., then I photo shopped a picture of my uncle to make it appear he was standing next to him with their arms around each other. My next step was to write a bogus news article reporting shady political dealings between Governor Ventura and Arnold Damsgaard, the Honey King of Northern Minnesota. (My uncle was a bee keeper at the time.) Needless to say, my uncle was thrilled when I presented him with the picture and the article. (He did swear to get back at me...he hasn't yet, but I'm still on guard!)

So those are just a few of my family stories. What about you? Any jokesters out there who'd like to share their stories??

That's it for this week-Happy April Fool's Day!



Book Junkie said...

Hey Therel!

I have an award for you on my blog:

oxoxox, Brande

Sharon said...

I enjoying waking the kids up (when April 1 is on a weekend) and telling them to get ready for school . The confusion and then realization on their faces is priceless.
(I received my ARC copy of TTWW yesterday. Thanks!)

Casey said...

Your family is too funny, Shirley! Now I know where your sense of humor comes from!