Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Conference fever

We're talking conferences this week and I have to tell you they are a lot of fun. Like next week, Jess and I will be heading to the RT Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

It's a huge reader/bookseller/writer con where there are tables full of free books and your favorite authors are all around. I had a Dakota Cassidy sighting there last year and about fell over. I've always loved her books and it was so neat to meet her in person. This year, I'll be stalking MaryJanice Davidson. Oh and signing my own books.

It was at a conference (RWA in Dallas) where I met my editor for the first time. I was an unpublished writer, stuck on chapter 16 of The Accidental Demon Slayer when I ran into Leah Hultenschmidt from Dorchester. She'd seen the first 20 pages in a contest. Leah told me how much she liked what she'd seen so far (I clearly remember her mentioning the dog) and she wanted to read the rest when I finished. A month later, I sent her a completed manuscript. She read it over the weekend and bought it. I think seeing her at that conference helped. I could put a personality and a face with the name and I was even more excited at the prospect of working with her. And my first impression was dead on - Leah is a dream to work with.

A year later, I met my agent for the first time (in person) at RWA in San Francisco. We'd been working together for almost a year, but you just can't beat that relaxed hang out time. It makes a huge difference the next time you're at home, ready to pick up the phone and call someone.

Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to hitting the road next week. RT is one of my favorites. There are workshops all day and theme parties at night. On Thursday, I'm going to be on the Court at the Fairy Ball. That means wearing a fancy ballgown with wings. In fact, I bought the wrong color wings, so I'm going to be in the side yard this weekend, spray painting them with gold glitter. That's when it gets hard to convince the husband that this is work. No really, honey! Fairy wings tie into books because...er...look at all this glitter! It's so sparkly!

And I'm going to be bringing the celebration back here. No, I won't spray you with glitter. But I will be giving away a lot of the books I get at RT. So stay tuned. I promise to bring back lots of goodies.


Jean V. Ryan said...

I go to a lot of faerie type things. In a few weeks, I have the Maryland Faerie Festival. Wings can be such a pain sometimes, but at RenCon two weeks ago, I found the most wonderful solution. Threads of Time does bodices (or vests) with wings embroidered on them. They have angel, tribal and butterfly wings. I'm getting butterfly for my birthday.


I always want to have wings air brushed on me, but this is the next best thing.

Steph said...

Sadly, I am just starting out and live a bit off the beaten track where noone wil be having a conference. I hope to build my blog to where I go to conferences all the time.

My blog goes beyond books, but literature is the crucible for most of my ideas.

Angie Fox said...

Very cool, Jean. I could have used that site a few months ago when I was looking for dresses. I finally scored one on Ebay. But the dress is the same red as the wings (I'm a fire faery), so I need to change up the wing color. Hopefully it will work out with the spray glitter paint because, er, there is no time to do anything else. :)

Angie Fox said...

Great blog, Steph. Undead and Unwed is one of my favorite paranormal books, along with Derek's Bane, the Shades series by Linda Fallon, Dream Fever (Karen Marie Moning), Living Dead in Dallas and of course anything in the Dresden Series.

Sharon said...

oooh! presents...Looking forward to seeing the pictures more than anything. Now I am off to check out The Shade series (Fallon). You had to mention an author I don't know, so now I have to go find the books! And all you con guys, don't indulge in to much faerie dust;)

Angie Fox said...

There are only three books in the Shades series: Shades of Midnight, Shades of Winter and Shades of Scarlet (in that order). They came out in 2003/2004 and have been on my keeper shelf ever since - fabulous gothic/romantic stories about a group of Victorian ghost hunters.

Jean V. Ryan said...

This weekend, I'm learning to sew by having my mother show me how to on my oldest daughter's faerie costume. She hates dresses, but we found a pattern for one with capri pants that she loves. She picked out fabric to match her monarch butterfly wings. It is going to look great.

I want to be one of those moms who can sew. I'm making a gorgeous black velvet cloak with a blue and silver brocade lining. I've always wanted a good cloak and the fabric was on sale, so all together it will cost me about $70.

Then I can sew my steampunk costume for the FF&P gathering at nationals. I already have a pattern and I picked out the fabric. Now I just need to find a great hat to decorate. I'm thinking Nashville at the end of July = hot.

Angie Fox said...

That is neat, Jean. I wish I could sew like that. My grandmother used to sew all of my aunt's prom dresses. They'd go to the store and try on ones she liked, and then grandma would do a sketch and make the dress from memory.

Great idea to do the faery dress with capris and I can't wait to see your steampunk creation. I think the FF&P party is even on a boat this year. That is going to be a blast. Yay conferences!