Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An inside look at an author on deadline

As you may know if you've tried to email me lately or (worse) if you're waiting for a prize giveaway or T-shirt, I'm running a little behind these days. The next book in the Accidental Demon Slayer series, The Last of the Demon Slayers, is due to my editor on May 1. That means I'm writing like crazy, putting everything together and wondering why I thought May 1 seemed like a good deadline date.

But you know what? It's the same way every book. In fact, I'm looking back on my emails from last deadline (when I was finishing A Tale of Two Demon Slayers) to remind me of that. Last July, I was sending my critique partner Jess almost the exact same chapters at the exact same times and wondering if Pirate was going to behave and if the biker witches wouldn't just blow everything up too early (they've been known to do that) and if this book would come together.

There is a certain amount of unknown that lingers during the writing process, at least for me. I have to be on edge and wondering just what will happen next because I think it translates into the book. It adds that element of excitement that I can't really pinpoint. I just feel it.

But still, I want to deny it. Every book, I think, "maybe the next time it will all come together in a pretty package" and I'll be doing the equivalent of sitting around the living room, like I'm ready for an event an hour early (which I never am).

My books come together like that last big rush before your guests come over where you're wondering where you put the cheese plate, the husband is cleaning the bathrooms and the dog is dashing around the kitchen, looking for anything that drops on the floor. Or maybe that just happens at our house.

So after five books, I'm learning to accept that. Maybe. Now where did I put the cheese plate?


Casey said...

Oh, I feel your pain, Angie. My book is (unofficially) done. Today, I start the read through and hope (hope, hope, hope) there's not too much I have to change!

Jess Granger said...

Take a deep breath, you can do it!

Sharon said...

Thank goodness most of us tend to excel when under pressure. Since all you writer people end up producing class A books the stress associated with deadlines serves you well . I appreciate that you continue to do it time and again for me (and all the other fans).

Megan Kelly said...

Angie, You'll come through with another winner. It's what you do! This is just how you work, which makes it the right way. I'm a "deadline girl" too, with a book due at the end of May. Writing under pressure is our "method."

Blodeuedd said...

Greta pic, I do think I get now (as a reader) how it is like. Hectic for sure. But you got there before and will get there again :)