Thursday, April 29, 2010

Off to Oakmont

Gee, it's Thursday! And to be honest, there's so much going on that I almost forgot to post!!!

So what's going on? Well, we talked about conferences last week and I think everyone's pretty well tied up with those-I know I am!! Along with Casey, I'm headed to The Festival of Mystery in Oakmont, PA this weekend. (See the complete list of authors attending below. Casey will be there as her alter ego, Miranda Bliss, which means we won't be sitting next to each other! Dang! Btw--signed copies from these authors are available on Mystery Lovers Bookshop's website.)

You'd think all I have to do is pack and get on the plane, wouldn't you? Nope-in addition to working at my "day" job and writing, I've got to make bookmarks!! About 100 of them. I print out four to a page, laminate them, then cut each one individually. Why? I decided after WITCH WAY came out that I didn't want a generic bookmark-I wanted something different. As a result, every year, I've designed a new one. Was it the smartest decision I ever made? Probably not-it's a bit of a pain to cut them all. Some always wind up being a little less than straight, but I figure something handmade isn't supposed to be perfect, right? *g* And I think I did achieve my goal-they are different! (Plus I think after making what seems to be a gazillion of them, I've earned the right to the title "Queen of the Laminators"!)

So here's a question for all you readers out there-how many of you are bookmark collectors?? Please tell me you are! (I'd hate to think after all the work I put into mine that they wind up in the garbage!!) And what's the most unique bookmark in your collection?

That's it for this week-got to fly. Got all those bookmarks to cut!


Donna Andrews
Irene Fleming
Brad Parks

Sarah Atwell
Beth Groundwater
Sandra Parshall

Lorna Barrett
Kathryn Miller Haines
Jason Pinter

Carrie Bebris
R.J. Harlick
Sara Rosett

Cordelia Biddle
Rosemary Harris
Hank Phillippi Ryan

Miranda Bliss
L.C. Hayden
Deborah Sharp

Kate Carlisle
Sue Ann Jaffarian
Joanna Campbell Slan

Elizabeth Lynn Casey
Laurie King
Leann Sweeney

Sheila Connolly
Mary Jane Maffini
Marcia Talley

Ellen Crosby
Nancy Martin
Heather Terrell

Shirley Damsgaard
Judi McCoy
Elaine Viets

Casey Daniels
Beverle Graves Myers
Wendy Lyn Watson

Lila Dare
Kevin O'Brien
Heather Webber

C. William Davis III
Karen E. Olson
Jenny White

Vicki Delany
Diana Orgain
Hannah Dennison
Alan Orloff
Joanne Dobson


Sharon said...

There is an easier way to cut out those bookmarks. You remember those big cutting boards the art teachers had at school? you can buy small ones at AC Moore or Michael's for as low as $20. I bought one last year cause I make my own Christmas cards. Not to mention the fun of zipping that blade through layers of paper and hearing that, sound (I don't know how to describe the sound, but you know what I mean). I keep all my bookmarks in a cool box. My favorite is one with a Rottie on it. One of my kids gave it to me in memory of my Rottie, Roxy.

Steph said...

Now that I have a Kindle I rarely ever use a bookmark -- I have two
silver ones but I am more likely to use a card out of a magazine or a post it note. I think it is great that you make them.

I like Moo Cards from -- you can upload your own designs. I have some for my blog ( I like the minis but you would want something bigger for a bookmark.

Jessi said...

I definitely like bookmarks. My favorite bookmark is a Harry Potter one with a little hippogriff at the end of the tassle. One of my friends bought it for me. She said when she saw it, she knew I had to have it. I was very big on Harry Potter back then. I still have to go to all of the midnight showings for the movies. :p

Anonymous said...

Nice job!.................................................................