Monday, April 5, 2010

Promo Madness

I'm gearing up for doing all the promo for Beyond the Shadows. It's a lot of work.

I've got a newsletter to finish, blog posts to write, guest interviews to write, guest blog posts to write, contests to run and manage, mailings to do, print promo to pick up, an update for my website to do, and then book signings and stock signings to manage.

That's before I count in all the social networking, facebook, twitter, you name it.

By the nature of promo, it all seems to come down to the wire around the book release. So add in the time crunch element, and things get even crazier. On top of all of that, I'm going to the RT Booklover's convention just before the release, so I'll be doing a lot of the last minute promo from the road.

I'll be the first to admit, I'm doing my best, but I'm never sure what works. It is the age old question for writers. What really does get our name out there, and what is just spinning our wheels?

There's a lot of pressure, especially on new authors that if you don't promote, promote, promote, you could sink your own career dead in the water. It's a scary thought. But with limited time, and even more limited money, how does a new author get her name out there without going broke, crazy, or both?

So here's my question, what sorts of promotion actually work for you? What ones do you like, and what do you find just annoying?




SandyG265 said...

I find that I like author interviews and contests. And of course I check out reviews of new books on a numberof blogs. What i find I don't care for are book trailers.

Angie Fox said...

I like author interviews a lot, and blogs. Those are interesting. What I don't like is when an author friends me on Facebook just to send PM's or postings to promote their book. I feel like that kind of misses the whole point, which is to have fun and hang out.

Angie Fox said...

Oh and I agree with Sandy. I'm not a big fan of book trailers, either. Don't know why exactly. I just never got into them.

Jess Granger said...

Book trailers are one of those things that I feel like I should do, but just can't bring myself to do it. It would take too much time and money to do it right, and not have it annoying.

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

I like reviews, excerpts, and author interviews that spend at least some time talking about the book, including characters, tone, and a bit of plot. That's what tells me I might like a book, and that's what sells books for me. {Smile}

Book trailers can be interesting to watch, but I have more trouble telling if I'll like a book from them. I think they're too picture-oriented when I'm trying to figure out if I want to read the story. I'd probably feel differently if I saw a book trailer for an art book or a heavily-illustrated book, but for a non-illustrated novel, it's not particularly relevant. {lop-sided smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

Angie Fox said...

Exactly, Anne. I want to read, not see pictures that depict the book that aren't even in the book, and, well the only book trailers I'll stop and watch are for author friends and 99.9% of the time, I'm buying those books anyway. ;)

Sharon said...

I browse many author/book sites and I have never watched a trailer. I find many books at They have a PNR/Mystery section I keep a watch on. I also love when a publisher puts excerpts from other books at the end of a book. I am already holding the book so I will read the excerpts. I think giving a chapter or two online is the best way to snag my attention. That is why I *love* my kindle. You can order a sample of a book for free! You get the first chapter/s. Saves me time and money!

Jess Granger said...

Good to know, thanks guys!