Friday, April 23, 2010

Something Wicked welcomes C.T. Adams

Today, Something Wicked welcomes C.T. Adams, USA Today bestselling author of paranormal and historical books. She's half of the writing team of C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp and she's also going to be on the Faery Court with me at RT. Yes, it's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

Take it away, C.T. ...

I LOVE RT! I love it: I love seeing other authors; meeting booksellers, agents and other professionals; and most of all I love seeing the fans and hearing what they like, and don't.

This year I am particularly excited because I'm on the faery court. WHOOO HOO!! They actually gave a middle-aged woman the excuse to dress up like Cinderella with a cloak, a tiara and everything! Seriously, HOW cool is THAT?

Of course the trick is getting there.

Pre-con packing is always tricky. What do you take? Not take? How do you fit a full-fledged ball-gown into your luggage and have room for ANYTHING else? Wings? (Never mind, I just won't do wings. The Sidhe don't have wings and they're fae. Besides, wings make sitting in the chair awkward.)

And then there's real life. Things like --

Food poisoning the week before;
The plumbing going out at the house (just peachy what with the food poisoning);
Work crises when the boss at the day job remembers that two of his three staffers are both going to be gone for the better part of a week;
You know . . . LIFE.

Every year when the going gets tough, I wonder if I will actually make it. Will there be that one last thing that makes it impossible to go?

But somehow, every year, I make it. With a sigh of relief I climb on the plane. And when I get to the venue, and walk through those doors (and see those cover models ;) ) It's worth it. It is SOOOOOOOO worth it.

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