Saturday, April 24, 2010

Something Wicked welcomes Samantha Gail

Hi all! We have another guest blogger today. Samantha Gail writes fantasy romance and lives in Alaska, which I happen to think is really cool. She's on the Faery Court this year at RT and we're thrilled to have her here, wings and all.
Take it away, Samantha...
Greetings from Alaska!

It’s almost time for the RT Convention and excitement is soaring! Seems like I rarely leave my isolated island home anymore, except for this one big event. The reason is simple enough – RT is too much fun to miss.

This is my second year on the Faery Court and I’ll keep coming back as long as they let me…hint, hint All those gorgeous gowns and gossamer wings? Talk about eye candy! And have you ever seen Gennita Low dance? That girl has some serious moves.

The Faery Court Ball is enormously popular with the crowds and takes a tremendous amount of work to pull off. If you’ve ever attended one, I think you’ll agree it’s worth the effort. A group of extraordinary ladies spend the entire year planning this magical night and the results are out of this world.

As conventions go, it is RT’s casual atmosphere that has always been a huge pull for me. People are there to have a great time, learn, network and socialize with one another. Functions begin around 0800 and wrap up well beyond 0-dark-30. I ramp up my immune system with vitamins and herbs a few weeks prior, because I know that sleep won’t be much more than a series of catnaps. Regardless, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else that week. I love the many opportunities to meet with fellow authors, readers and publishing industry folks, as well as pamper fans with enough books and goodies that they need to bring a spare suitcase just to get the stuff back home.

Oh, and did I mention the plethora of workshops? Interactive. Loaded with relevant advice. Rejuvenating. The perfect fix for writer’s block or that complicated scene I can’t quite “get right”. Some of the most difficult decisions I’ve encountered at RT involve choosing a workshop to attend, especially when there are several in the same time slot. A coin toss is often the only viable option.

There are two separate book fairs at RT – one for e-books and another for print. A wonderful concept! However, the sheer volume of authors at these fairs is daunting. Row after row of tables fill the grand ballroom in an alphabetical smorgasbord that equates with very special, personal attention if you’re willing to strike up conversation. Please do! Trust me, the authors are dying to speak with you. BTW, since authors are also readers and fans, if you don’t see me at my designated seat, you’ll know I slipped away to grab a quick visit with one of my favorite writers.

Gotta go…I have a float plane to catch. See you soon!



Blodeuedd said...

I wish I could be there too :)

Angie Fox said...

Thanks for guesting, Samantha. RT is going to be a fun time. Looking forward to seeing you there.

And that goes for readers too - if you see me there, I'd love it if you stopped to say hello!

Sharon said...

I can sense all the excitement in everyone going to the con. As a fan it is great hearing authors looking forward to something like this. You always wonder if a celebrity at a con *really wants to be there or not. There is going to be so much positive energy there! I look forward to everyone's blogs and pictures.