Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You're Very Welcome!

As writers, we spend most of our days locked in our own little worlds–plots, characters, dialogue that swirls around inside our heads even though nobody but the people in our imaginations are talking! As I’ve said a thousand times, it beats having a real job (especially one at which I might have to wear pantyhose!), but it does lack that element of human contact that most other people get when they work.

Sure, we get feedback when a book is published. And yes, it’s sometimes so good, it makes us feel like we’re flying. But most of the time, being a writer is a pretty lonely business.
That’s why I was so jazzed when last Saturday, I got not just one, but three lovely writing compliments.

The first two came at a meeting of the Northeast Ohio Romance Writers of America. I was invited to speak about the mystery market and it was something of a homecoming for me. I started my career writing romance, and I was once president of NEORWA. It’s great to see the organization alive and thriving, with many members in attendance. Two of them in particular made my day.

One was a woman who said she’d attended her first RWA meeting nine years ago and that at the time, I sat next to her. "You were so warm and welcoming," she said, "I’ve been coming back ever since."

The second was a woman I met some years ago through a mutual acquaintance. I didn’t know she had joined the organization. In fact, I didn’t even realize she was writing. Her comment? "I wouldn’t have had the courage to do this if it wasn’t for you."

And Saturday night at fundraiser for a bagpiping band, I heard a third wonderful thing. My husband’s cousin had once bought a set of my young adult books when her oldest son was a teen. They’d lost the books in a flood, and I brought her a new set. What she said was so nice; her son (now an adult) told her he never would be the reader he is today if it wasn’t for my books.

How nice to get such wonderful feedback from such nice people. It makes all those quiet hours alone in front of the computer worthwhile!

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Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

Hearing how much you and your writing means like that is pretty special. {SMILE}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin