Friday, May 7, 2010

Welcome Elizabeth Lynn Casey!!

I'd like you all to welcome our guest today, Elizabeth Lynn Casey!!! I first met Elizabeth as her alter ego, Laura Bradford, several years ago. (In fact we were newbies together!) And over the years, our friendship has grown. She's a terrific writer and it's been fun to watch her success! Her second book in her Southern Sewing Series, DEATH THREADS, debuts today!

So without further ado…here's Elizabeth!!

If you’d asked me five days ago whether the main character in my Southern Sewing Circle mystery series was anything like me, I’d have said no. After all, Tori Sinclair is a twenty-something librarian who loves to sew. And while I must confess to an occasional fantasy regarding the first part, I opted to follow a different career path while simultaneously managing to avoid anything that even slightly resembles a needle and thread…

See? We’re nothing alike.

Or are we?

Just this past weekend I had the opportunity to attend Malice Domestic 22 in Arlington, Virginia where I spent three glorious days catching up with friends. Some of those friends were fellow writers and some were fellow readers. But regardless of which camp they inhabit, they’re friends I’ve made because of mysteries…

Would I have crossed paths with Jan K. from Chicago if it weren’t for our shared love of the genre? Probably not.

Would I have spent hours plotting and giggling with Hannah Dennison and Clare Langley Hawthorne if we’d pursued a different career? Probably not.

Would Dru Ann Love have thought I was nuts for practically hopping up and down as I waited for Mary Higgins Clark to sign my book if she, too, didn’t love books and the people who write them? Probably.

But here’s the thing. Jan and I did cross paths…and I did laugh away an entire afternoon with Clare and Hannah…and Dru did get it…

Because we have a common passion that binds us together in a way that wouldn’t have happened without the glue that—for all of us—is mysteries.

The same holds true for Tori.

Would Tori have been able to fill the costume trunk in the Sweet Briar Public Library’s new children’s room as quickly as she did if it weren't for Rose Winters and Margaret Louise Davis? Probably not.

Would Tori have found herself an unwilling accessory in a bunny-napping if it weren't for Leona Elkin’s newfound kleptomaniac tendencies? Probably not.

Would she have been by Debbie Calhoun’s side when the woman walked into her home and found her husband missing…and his blood all over the house? Probably not.

Yet she did and she was…

Because of a common glue that brought them together. And no matter what the glue may be (bunko, books, sewing, golf, coffee, etc), one thing is certain. When it sticks, it sticks.

I, for one, wouldn’t have it any other way.

And neither would Tori.

Elizabeth Lynn Casey is the national best selling author of the Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series with Berkley Prime Crime. Sew Deadly—the first in the series—debuted last August. Death Threads—the second in the series—releases in bookstores nationwide today. To learn more, visit her website:


Anonymous said...

人生的價值以及他的快樂,都在於他有能力看重自己的生存 ..................................................

Blodeuedd said...

This one sounds nice, I usually don't read mysteries, but this one sounds different

Sharon said...

How can someone *not read a book called "Death Threads" I mean come one, that is pretty clever .

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

I'm not surprised that you found something in common with your character after all. I have yet to find a way to create a character who isn't a caricature without putting myself into the character. I'll accentuate some character traits, minimize others, and flatly ignore yet others... but every character trait in them is in myself to some degree. Okay, we may have different hobbies and interests. Hwoever, the way we approach a hobby, and the way we approach an interesting subject is similar. {Amused Smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

Casey said...

I enjoyed meeting you at Malice and our (ahem!) plotting session at the Berkley dinner. I'm telling you, that's going to be a series someday!