Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What do you think?

I was tooling around on Yahoo the other day and saw that the Amityville Horror house is for sale in New York for $1.15 million. This is the five-bedroom Dutch colonial where six members of the DeFoe family were shot and killed as they slept. The eldest son, Ronald DeFeo Jr. was convicted of the murders. When the Lutz family moved in shortly after, well, it spawned the Amityville Horror tales, complete with walls oozing blood, moving furniture and a demonic pig named Jodie.

Now even if you don't believe in ghosts, demonic pigs or any other supernatural uglies, does anyone really want this house? If I had $1.15 million, I'd be seeing if I could find a condo in Malibu next to George Clooney, or perhaps a small island. But a multiple murder house that may or may not (I'm voting on may) be haunted?

It got me thinking about another dubious sale last year when a musician bought Jeffrey Dahmer's old house, the very place where he committed his first murder (Dahmer, not the musician). The new owner loves it. Says it's nice and peaceful and since it backs up to a wooded state park, he can play his music however he wants.

But I have to wonder - what's buried in the park?

Maybe nothing. Maybe it's just this writer's imagination (known to be wonky at times). But what about you? Would you live in the Amityville House? Or at casa Dahmer?

Oh and last week's book winner is SandyG. Go Sandy! Email me and I'll get that book out to you.


Casey said...

Although I have no problem at all with ghosts (the one in this house is named Ed), I'd definitely draw the line at a house where murder/s were committed. Yikes!

Angie Fox said...

Yes. These ghosts seem to be a bit peeved. My friend Aileen had ghosts in her house as a teenager and she was (for the most part) fine with them. But murder victims? I just couldn't do it.

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

{thoughtful look}

Not without a MAJOR makeover. I don't really believe in ghosts, but a place can be haunted by memories very easily, especially if an event gets enough TV coverage. I realized this when the TV show LOST first came to Hawai'i, and took over an office building that had been empty since the biggest workplace violence event in Hawaiian history took place. Scenes from the TV coverage are clear in my memory over a decade later.

When LOST took it over, they tore everything out to turn it into a few sound stages. The corridors and offices are gone, as surely as the xerox machines and desks. The only thing still recognizable was the front entrance. {pause}

I wouldn't mind going in thru the back or side now. {Smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

Sharon said...

The house is beautiful. I think it would be a nuisance to live there, or anywhere high-profile like that. To many crazy people in the world. Who knows who will come knocking on your door one night.

Hilda said...

Oh if I had the money I would probably buy it. The house is beautiful and probably good environment for writing thrillers.