Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kris Kennedy's 10 Reasons Why Romances Are Better Than the Real World

10 Reasons My Fictional Romances Can Be Better Than The Real World
Now, I'm not saying they are better, or not that it's always better. Just that there are ways in which, on certain days, there are moments when the romance story IS like Calgon, for the following reasons...

10. Characters don’t clean toilets. Seriously, how often do you read or write about that?

9. People generally fit into their clothes. Not always. Generally.

8. When someone does something ‘wrong’, it’s only to gear up for some great repartee between hero & heroine. Fascinating, clever, funny come-backs abound.

7. I decide who suffers, when, in what manner and for how long. Let me reiterate: I get to decide.

6. As a result of such suffering, they learn their lesson.

5. The sex is always great. Or darn close to always.

4. I get to say my best lines over and over, until I get them just right, zingers properly in place, lessons couched in amusing metaphors.

3. Information that is said once is general not repeated. There is no need. If it is repeated, it is generally done to some effect, for a purpose, rather than people simply not listening.

2. Food does not spoil in the fridge, if there is a fridge. (a fridge would eliminate a great many historicals, but fortunately, NO food in ANY romances EVER spoils.)

Suffering only happens to those who ‘deserve’ it: The bad guys get their just desserts, and the women get their man.
Big thanks for Angie for inviting me over, and to the other Wicked ladies for having me here! In my latest release, THE IRISH WARRIOR (June, 2010), all 10 of these are true. Check it out. ;-)

Kris Kennedy writes sexy, adventure-filled medieval romances for Kensington and Pocket Books. THE IRISH WARRIOR, winner of the 2008 Golden Heart® Award for Best Historical Romance, released June 1. Read a sexy excerpt here!
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Sharon said...

LOL! You are right. I can't recall one toilet being cleaned in any of my romance books (speaking of which, I got 4 to clean today ). And what a relief to see a romance book about Irish hotties. The Scots have gotten way to much press .

Book Junkie said...

OMG! This is an awesome post! And how true it really is! lol


Kris Kennedy said...


See, me too! Today my heroine gets to (has to?) run from bad guys, enchant a hero, and come to realizations that make the world a better place. Me? Toilets.

Thanks for your support of the under-represented Irish hottie. Seriously, when does it become discriminatory?? ;-)

Thanks for saying hi!

Kris Kennedy said...

Book Junkie~
;-) Thank-you!! It was fun to write. I used to be a therapist, and that urge to *understand* is still in my blood somewhere. But holy cow, is it more fun to complain about having to clean toilets. ;-)

Angie Fox said...

Yes. And I like the fact that we can take time to come up with our zingers. In real life, I always think of the perfect thing to say about an hour after I should have said it. Drat.

Blodeuedd said...

Haha, that was great. Yes no one cleans icky toilets and that food could last forever

Jackie Uhrmacher said...

LOL I love it. : )

Kris Kennedy said...

Sometimes it takes me hours to come up with an intelligent response, let alone a good comeback. Repartee? Ha. Late at night, when I can't sleep, they come then. What can I do with a repartee-ish come-back at 2am??

:-) Thanks for having me here today Angie

Kris Kennedy said...

Exactly! I am to the point now where I think, in all seriousness, why am I doing this (cleaning a toilet, scrubbing the kitchen floor, and so on) I cannot stand it, and all the goodness herein is going to be destroyed in about 15 minutes when kids and dogs coming running through.

Clearly, I need to become more Zen-like about toilets.

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