Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Weekend of Firsts!

What can I say about my first MARCON (Multiple Alternative Realities Convention)? I could talk about how a huge group of volunteers put on the most fun weekend I’ve seen in a long time. Or how great it was to meet so many readers and fans. I could talk about spending Saturday night in the hotel bar with the Enterprise crew, and Greek gods, and a whole lot of Steam punk afficionados.
Instead, I figured it would just be easier to post pictures of all this weekend’s first.

First time I've ever been around this many Star Wars characters. MARCON participants are rightfully proud of their costumes. They were amazing!

Is there something strange in your neighborhood? First time I ever met the Ghost Busters, that's for sure!

No tattoos for me. Not ever! But my first ever henna picture was fun. Don't worry, it will wash off in about a week.

The first time I've been in an inter-active murder mystery. I played a Hollywood star and yes, that's me holding my best supporting actress "Wasker." Too much fun, and thanks to Trina from the local Sisters in Crime dinner group. She loaned me that glorious caftan. Big surprise, I got a lot of compliments on it! And here I just thought I was being campy!

Yes, my first ever official MARCON t-shirt, but it gets better than that, because it's the first time . . .

. . . I've ever been honored by having my name included with the special guests. What fun!


Angie Fox said...

Okay, this is yet another one of those times where I read your post and decide I want to be you. You do the neatest things. What a fantastic weekend! I think I'm going to have to go to Marcon next year.

Sharon said...

OMG! I've never heard of MARCON. What a blast. You lucky dog. And that is an awesome shirt. I need to do a convention search and see what is in my neck of the woods.

Casey said...

Angie, if you want to be me, you have serious problems! And here I sit, wanting to be anybody else!

As far as these kinds of Sci-Fi conferences, they are apparently all over the place. Do a Google search, Sharon, I'll bet you'll find plenty.

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

That does look like a fun Con. I'm glad you enjoyed it. {SMILE}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin