Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Guten Morgen!

A couple months ago, I wrote a blog about how the first book in the Pepper Martin mystery series, "Don of the Dead," had been published in Germany with a name that translates roughly into "Dead Godfathers Kiss Better."

Since then, the next two books in the series have made their appearance on bookstore shelves in Germany.
"The Chick and the Dead" has become "Schicker als der Tod." Rough translation: "More Schicker Than Death." Hmmm...

And if you happen to be in Berlin and you’re browsing a bookstore, check out Book #3, "Tombs of Endearment" which is now "Sex Tod & Rock’n Roll." That title pretty much speaks for itself!


Sharon S. said...

Guten Tag! I love those covers!!! The skeleton is cool. Isn't there a word for ghost in German? Why wouldn't they use that?

Kannst du Deutch? (did I spell that right?) I love the German language. Forgotten most of it, but my daughter will be taking it this fall in high school so now I can practice again.

Casey said...

Sharon, you've proved that you know more German than I do! Studied French in high school and college. I'm sure I've forgotten it all. Not exactly a lot of use for it here in northeast Ohio.