Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Monster Mash

So I recently received the news every writer likes to hear - an offer for a new contract. Now this does not mean the end of the demon slayer series. I'm just looking at what I'd like to do beyond Lizzie, Pirate and the biker witches - although please don't mention this to the biker witches as I don't want them showing up at my door. At best, they'll try to bribe me with Jack Daniels. At worst, well, let's just say there are spells that I haven't discovered yet and would rather not learn about.

The next demon slayer book is due out at the end of December, although I've been told it's not up on Amazon yet. Soon. Anyhow, this new series is near and dear to my heart because it answers a question I've been wondering for awhile now - what happens when a vampire, werewolf, yeti (you name the monster) is injured and they don't heal overnight? Or what if they do heal and something goes wrong (like their bodies forget a piece)?

Well now we have our answer. You see, there are MASH units set up to handle these kinds of cases. My new series features a surgeon in one of these MASH units. And there are plenty of fun characters in the supporting cast as well. The majority of the action takes place at the MASH camp and of course we have to keep things interesting. The first book is called The Monster MASH. No word on release dates yet, but as always, I'll keep you updated.

In the mean time, enjoy this little tidbit:
The Monster MASH


Sharon S. said...

congrats on the new series! Sounds like a fun subject. Will it have lots of humor? Can't wait for the first snippets to start trickling out . Snippets taste gooooood!

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

That does sound like a fun idea. I wonder how you'll develop it. {Smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

Casey said...

Congratulations, Angie! What a great idea. Sounds terrific!

Jess Granger said...

Oh, it's funny. I'm particularly fond of a certain night-guard. Congratulations Angie!

Angie Fox said...

Yes, one of the reasons I'm so excited about this idea is that there is plenty of room for both humor and drama. Plus, I love writing ensemble casts, like the biker witches. This group of MASH doctors will be so much fun to write.