Monday, August 23, 2010

Heading Off Into the Sunset

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry to announce that I'll be hanging up my spurs here at Something Wicked. Certain commitments at home have recently intensified, and I've got my nose to the very serious writing grindstone at the moment.

I just wanted to send you all a fond farewell, and say how much I've enjoyed hanging out with you here. It's been a pleasure meeting everyone. I'll still be posting on my personal blog every Saturday, so feel free to stop by and visit.

I hope to see you around, and good luck to everyone on all your writing adventures.

Until next time!

Happy reading,

Jess Granger


Blodeuedd said...

Best of luck to you :)

Barbara E. said...

Sorry to say goodbye to you here on Something Wicked. I'll be checking your personal blog to see what's up in the future.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry to hear you're so busy you can't post here as well as at The Butterfly Blog. I'll see you there, of course, since I've been reading it longer than this one. {Smile}

I hope this is a good kind of busy. {Smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone,

It is a good kind of busy, but it's an intense pressure kind of busy. At least there seems to be something to show for my efforts, which is encouraging.

Still, something's got to give.

Casey said...

Thanks for your always-intresting posts, Jess. Best of luck!