Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's Wednesday!

Rachel and Carrie drove all the way from Chicago for the signing. Thank you, ladies!

It was great to meet you.

I was sitting here this afternoon, hard at work on finishing a book that was due two weeks ago (!), when I realized it was Wednesday.

Rather than try to write a blog that's even semi-intelligent, I think I'll just post some photos from the signing I did a couple weeks ago at Something Different Gallery. We had a great time.

My thanks to all the readers who turned out and to George and Koula, the gallery owners, who are truly the nicest people in Cleveland!

Yes, we are having this much fun!

Dennis and Frank bought books for all their friends at the beach in Delaware where they're

vacationing. My books gets to go to the beach...I do not!


Sharon S. said...

That does look like fun! The beach is overrated anyways . Get that book done! There are people (me) waiting :)

Casey said...

I'm writing as fast as I can, Sharon. In fact, I'm writing faster than I thought I ever could! Book should be done next week. I'd cross my fingers, but that makes it hard to type!

Sharon S. said...

LOL! I'll cross mine for you . Let us know when you are done and I will send you a virtual cake (no calories).