Thursday, August 26, 2010

When the circus came to town!

I don't mean to sound un-American, but I've never really cared for a circus-not even when I was a kid. Don't know why-they've just never tripped my trigger. None the less, this week I found myself sitting with two eight year olds and a seven year old (grandsons) under the big top watching one.

We're not talking Ringling Brothers here either-the big top wasn't that big and it was a little on the worn side. A small circus that travels from town to town here in the Midwest, the acts didn't quite have the sparkle of a large circus. They had one lion and two tigers, and one of the tigers wasn't all that pleased at being here in Stuart. He pretty much refused to do whatever his trainer wanted and when finally, after much prodding, he tried to make a jump, he missed. Ever see a tiger embarrassed?? No, well this one was! (On the second try, he made it and received a large round of applause which seemed to sooth his wounded ego.) Also many of the performers had dual roles-the trapeze artist also did an act on unicycle along with the girl who spun from a rope anchored at the top of the tent. And the clown?? (Notice I use the singular?) Let's just say he was young and still learning his craft.

But you know-all of the above didn't matter to my companions. They didn't notice the faded, worn big top. They cheered along with everyone else when the tiger finally made his leap. They didn't catch on that it was the same people, dressed in a different costume and called by a different name, doing the tricks. And to them, it was the height of hilarity when a man dressed in a gorilla suit did a schtick involving "granny panties" and a bright pink bra. (A schtick that I'm sure has been around since the Marx Brothers were in diapers!) They were in the moment and accepted what they saw without complaining that there wasn't "more". They had nachos, cotton candy, and snow cones, and as far as they were concerned, life was good!

So in the future, am I going to enjoy going to the circus??? Probably not-I'm still not crazy about them, but I did learn a lesson from these three little boys. Even something "small" can be fun if one only accepts it for what it is and lives in the moment. And they were right-life is good!!

That's it for this week-have a good one and catch you next!!


Casey said...

I've never been a circus fan, either, Shirley. But reading your post, I got a flash of a memory. Went to the circus with my family when I was in the 8th or 9th grade. I'm pretty sure it was the first time I ever went. I had writing homework due the next morning and hadn't done it; it was supposed to be a profile of a person. Odd I hadn't finished it since I was usually pretty good about that. Anyway, I remember profiling the ringmaster and being very proud of my piece! Don't remember what grade I got.

Sharon S. said...

LOL! I went to a Ringling Brother's circus way back when. What I remember is the smell. Circuses stink, literally. I haven't taken my kids cause I just don't want to go. And who the heck likes clowns? We go to the zoo instead (also stinks by the way) . But I understand about thinking something is lame, but the kids thought it was fan-freakin-tastic.

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

The last circus I went to was also a small one, where the stars in one act were supporters in another. I was surprised at how few were int he "grand finale" until I thought about it. {Smile}

I thought it was still fun in it's own way. {Smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin