Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dogs and cake

I swore I wasn't going to be one of "those" people, the kind that forget that their pets are pets and start doing things like, er, throwing a birthday party for the dog.

Except that last night we threw a party for the dog.

But it didn't start out that way. Let me explain.

Labor Day weekend is crazy around our house. We always have way too many things going on. Add to that the big Mizzou/Illinois football game on Saturday. My husband and I are big Mizzou fans, so we spend an entire day tailgating and seeing friends at the game. Then last year, we bought a dog and it turns out that dog's birthday is the Saturday of Labor Day. The kids wanted to celebrate. We wanted to go to the game. So seeing as the kids are too young to read a calendar, we moved the dog's birthday to Sunday.

It's just one year. Nobody will remember, right?

Well except that we looked at the calendar again and realized we'd be out all day with the kids on Sunday. We'd be home on Monday, though. In fact, we'd invited the Fox family over for a BBQ, so we moved the dog's birthday to Monday. The dog doesn't care. The kids don't know. It's just one year.

Nobody will remember, right?

But then Monday arrived and the dog's birthday took on a life of its own. In true Fox style, my daughter went completely overboard and turned it into a creative project. She wrapped every dog treat she could find. She made decorations. She baked a dog biscuit cake in her Easy Bake Oven (that was actually my fault since I told her I used to do that as a kid). Soon enough, we had a full-fledged dog birthday on our hands, with the entire Fox clan in attendance.

It was a lot of fun. We have pics of the kids and the dog with the cake. The entire family sang Happy Birthday to the dog. We all had our own cake bites (the non-dog-biscuit variety). And my husband and I have somehow become the people who give a dog a party. In front of witnesses. We'll never live it down.


Sharon S. said...

heehee. Our dog's birthday is April 1st (hence her name, April). We make the dog her own cake, and one for us. Any reason to make cake and I am in. I draw the line at inviting other dogs from the neighborhood, but the kids try every year .

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

{Chuckle} At least everyone had a good time. {SMILE, wink}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

Nicole said...

But that's actually really cute. Something that when you look back at those pics when kiddos are older, you'll laugh hysterically over...and possibly even use for blackmail when they bring home dates. My mom still likes to remind me of a silly thing I did w/my dog when I was 3yr, and I'm nearly 30yr!

Raonaid Luckwell said...

Awww! Actually, my male daschund Warlock has a birthday coming up (22nd if I remember correctly). Cynder (female daschund) and Nyxie (you never met her she's a new addition, she's half pomerian and half chihuaha; they call it pomchi)is in April.

What we do... we always buy a special treat for the birthday dog. Warlock's first b-day we got him a special doggie treat, and to make it up to cynder rawhides for her to chew.

Casey said...

When my daughter was young, we always had a party for our dog's birthday. It was in the summer and we'd invite the neighborhood kids. We'd serve hot dogs (of course!) and something I called Puppy Punch (don't remember what I put in it). The kids would all bring treats and toys. I don't think the dog (a Westie named Woofer) cared much at all, but the kids had fun and we made some great memories.