Wednesday, September 29, 2010

There and Back Again!

Back from New Mexico, safe and sound. Yes, I do complain about visiting there. After all, the friend I stay with lives off the grid. That means electricity provided only by solar and wind power, no running water (you heard me right) and a general lack of all the conveniences we take for granted.

But I’ve got to say, some good things came out of this trip.

#1 A plot for Pepper Martin mystery #8.

This is a very good, especially since the book is due in January and I haven’t started writing it yet. No big surprise, I’m going to take Pepper to New Mexico, a place she would thoroughly, completely and totally hate.

#2 Research

See above. There’s nothing like being on site and no way I could just read about the altitude or the dryness or the dust (gads, there’s a lot of dust!) and make it all come alive in the book. As part of my research, I met a lovely young woman who grew up on the Taos Pueblo, home of the Taos Indians. Her help was invaluable and she’s promised to answer all the questions that are sure to pop up as I work on the book.

#3 Lots of quiet time.

And I do mean quiet! My friend lives three miles from the nearest road. And the nearest road pretty much leads to nowhere. I’m not a big fan of noise, but this quiet is very quiet. Yes, it’s hard to get used to. It’s different. And difficult. But it’s also good once in a while to really stop the craziness that is our lives and have time to think. There’s no place like New Mexico for thinking.

#4 Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words so I’ll just stop with this view from Leslie’s patio.


Angie Fox said...

Wow - gorgeous picture! Welcome back! The solitude of your friend's place sounds wonderful. I like it when I can get 10 minutes of quiet around here. ;)

Casey said...

Ah yes, 10 minutes of quiet is a good thing. 10 days . . . not so much!

Martha Lawson said...

Amazing picture!

Sharon S. said...

Breath taking view :) Congrats on the story idea. Next time you can't think of a plot you need to go on a vacation (write it off as a business trip ) I think Pepper would love a luxury spa somewhere .

Casey said...

Oh yes, Pepper would love a spa. But I'm not a spa sort of girl. Then again, I've never been to a spa. Maybe I need to do some intensive research!