Monday, October 18, 2010

Something Wicked welcomes Kate Douglas!

First of all, Angie, thank you so much for the invite to blog here at SOMETHING WICKED.
I sometimes wonder if people are getting sick and tired of me popping up all over the Internet, but my readers are nothing if not gracious...they’d never say a word to my face!
If I come across as a bit loopy today, please accept my apologies. I’ve been struggling with the current book I’m writing, CrystalFire, which is the fourth and final book in the DEMONSLAYERS series. When I started work on this one, I had a perfect visual for the opening and a fairly good idea what was going to come next. I’ve known from the very beginning, when I first proposed the series to my editor, that this last book would star Willow and Taron, two secondary characters who first appeared in DemonFire.
Taron is a Lemurian scholar who was fascinated by Willow, the tiny will o’ the wisp created as an assistant to help Dax, my ex-demon, survive in Earth’s dimension. Dax was a mercenary, hired to fight a demon invasion on Earth that threatened to tip the scales in the favor of evil, and Willow helped feed him energy to strengthen his least she did until the demon king ate her.
She ended up as mere consciousness existing inside Bumper the dog—a mutt that’s a cross between a pit bull and a poodle. I guess she’s a pitoodle...but BumperWillow, as everyone started calling the funny looking dog with the sprite inside, is a powerful ally in the fight against demonkind. She doesn’t look all that fierce—picture a pit bull with a blonde Shirley Temple wig.
Okay? Got that. STOP LAUGHING. Bumper is true warrior. Really.
So how does Willow end up as a heroine? To be honest, I wasn’t really sure, but then the demon king showed up and tried to take over Bumper’s body in an act of possession, but Willow shot a power burst at the demon. Unfortunately, her blue sparkles bounced off Taron’s sentient crystal blade, ricocheted across the room and zapped Bumper. And the demon king missed the dog and took over another man’s body and somehow Bumper’s consciousness ended up inside Willow, and Willow ended up with a full-sized woman’s body...and Taron doesn’t want to fall in love, but he’s having a really hard time fighting it. (Yes, I’m taking a deep breath here...) And Willow isn’t fighting it at all—she’s been stuck in that dog for way too long and now she’s finally got a chance to learn about life and love and all the things denied a two-inch tall sprite with sparkly wings.
Things a five foot, ten inch woman with masses of curly blonde hair doesn’t hesitate to try. Of course, Taron’s got issues—he’s avoided love all his life because of a fortune told him when he was a child. He knows that if he ever falls in love, he’s destined to experience unimaginable joy and unendurable pain, and it’s that unendurable pain that stops him every time.
So, we’ve got this tall, sexy Lemurian who’s nearly immortal, but he’s lived a celibate life as a scholar. In fact, he’s never even kissed a woman until Willow shows up and convinces him that since they’re both so curious about sex, it’s become the proverbial elephant in the parlor, and the best way to settle the issue is to go ahead and do the deed so they don’t wonder about it anymore.
Yeah. that’s going to help? And in the meantime, they’ve got their friend’s dad possessed by the demon king and they have to rescue Ed, but they’re all alone in the quest because all the other demonslayers are stuck in Sedona, which is all Taron’s fault because he sealed the portal they need to come home, and then Eddie Marks, one of the demonslayers, gets trapped in the void and, well...I still have no idea how it’s all going to work out, but that’s the joy of writing paranormal.
The whole process of putting together a story is asking “what if?” and then turning the muse free to figure it out. At least that’s my process. It’s worked for twenty-one novels and novellas in my Wolf Tales series and so far it’s working with the DemonSlayers. I never really know, going into a book, where it will take me, but the ride is always an adventure, and the hero and heroine always end up falling madly in love and finding their own happily ever after.
And that’s the main thing, isn’t it? Enjoying the ride and tagging along on a journey to find love. I go into a story thinking it’s my world and my rules, and then the gloves are off and the adventure begins. I hope you’ll join me on this one—DemonFire released last February 23, a day I celebrated by crashing my pickup into the side of a mountain. When HellFire came out, I stayed home, and when Nocturnal released I managed to make it to the grocery store safely, so it’s all good. StarFire, the third book in the series, will release in March, and CrystalFire is due out next Fall. Of course, I still need to figure out how I’m getting Eddy out of the void and then we need to get the demon out of Ed, but I’m not worried. Somehow, it always comes together.
I am curious, though. What is it you like best about paranormal? Why do you pick up a story about demons or werewolves or vampires rather than a contemporary romance or historical? Let me know your thoughts, and you might be one of the lucky readers to win either a copy of DemonFire, HellFire, Nocturnal or a stuffed Bumper the dog. I’m going to ask Angie to pick five winners for me. Did I say I love giving stuff away?

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Sharon S. said...

LOL! Poor Bumper! Love the name. The story sound like a riot and with a little romance in there you got me hooked .

Why I love Paranormal...there is so much you can do when you add immortality, magic and mayhem to a story! Great post.

Linda Henderson said...

I like paranormal because it seems all things are possible. You don't get that with contemporary romance.

seriousreader at live dot com

N.J.Walters said...

I love the way your mind works, Kate. The story sounds fascinating.

I love paranormal because anything can happen...and usually does.

Angie Fox said...

Thanks for joining us today, Kate! Your books are so wonderful and I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us with StarFire and CrystalFire.

"Honey, I'm Home" said...

Hi Kate,

I love paranormal (especially the ones you write) because you weave a web so enticing that I get tangled and tickled..... I laugh, I cry and I never want to leave. The characters are so rich the jump of the page and sit around so I feel like I'm part of the story.


Anton Cheval said...

Anton Cheval from Wolf Tales is posting this for Tracey since Blogger doesn't like her this morning:

Tracey wrote:
"Tried leaving a comment but it won't let me...I have trouble sometimes with certan blogs...but me paranormal are the best stories ever created. I always put myself in the woman of the story. For you all know that when I read it's a moving picture in my head. I love how these stories are full of in progress...and of course the eternity of love that will always come with the ending."

Tammy said...

I like paranormal because even though you know 100% it isn't real (weres, vampires, fairies, etc.) there is, in the back of your mind, the what if factor. It is just that little bit of "what if" that makes paranormal books so special to me.

Kate Douglas said...

Thanks, Angie, for the invite to blog with you today!

Sharon, so true. When I write, I start out with "what if?" and with paranormal you can answer that question in so many ways!

Linda--all things ARE possible in paranormal. As an author, we can say with complete conviction: My world. My rules. mind is slightly warped, so what does that say about YOURS? :-) I never know WHAT'S going to happen next!

Thanks, Mischa! LOL...tangled and tickles works! I love that...and I'm really glad to finally figure out who "honey, I'm home" is!

Tracey, hope you don't mind that Anton posted for you! He lifted your comment off my Facebook page, but there's a lot to be said for those happy endings!

Tammy, what's really weird for me is that I get so totally into my characters that I think of them as real people. When I wrote the final Wolf Tales, I was terribly depressed about losing such good friends and knowing I wouldn't be spending my days with them anymore. I still miss them!

RENEE said...

I have always loved all romance...since I was in 4th grade. A little older now, I still love all romance, but I prefer it to have more. Whether it's a paranormal twist, or suspense or magic or ghosts.

Paranormal is great because there is a lot of freedom when you break out of the everyday rules, and we can go on a journey that is unique, full of magic and fantasy...and when a gifted writer takes us there, it opens up our own imagination.

I've come in on your demonslayer series in the middle and love I'm going to play catch up on the series now!

:) Ren

Lisa G said...

I have to agree that what I enjoy most about paranormal books is the fact that anything can happen. You're not limited to our reality. Of course, Kate's books are great and the stuffed Bumper is way too cute! Thanks for mine Kate. I need to get you more pictures of him and Wolfie.

Sandy said...

I love paranormal because anything is possiable!!

Barbara E. said...

I love paranormal because there are so many possibilities. Anything an author can think up and make sound reasonable, strange, interesting characters, exotic locales (like hell, other dimensions, etc) and great story lines, they grab me and pull me in. I love being taking away to somewhere so completely different than my own reality.
I love the description of how Willow ended up in a woman's body and can't wait to read CrystalFire as well as the rest of the series.

donnas said...

I love paranormal because it really provides the best escape from real life for me at least. As similar as the settings might be to the real world, there is always something out there that doesnt really exist. It definitely helps you learn and practice suspension of disbelief and is great for just fun reading.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Anonymous said...

I love the paranormal because I can t get way for the everyday things. In the paranormal the crazy thing give you that much needed brake that some people need (me). There is some love with magic and there is the good guys that my be an ex-demon. Can't get any better. Thank you Kate for the great books that you write.

Mary said...

I love the description of Bumper! I can't wait to get my hands on the next book of yours! :) I love reading what you write they are all so good, can't get enough of them.

I do so love paranormal, it's so easy to be lifted away from our lives and taken to a place of fantasy. A place that existed only in the mind of the author until we started reading and now seems like a real place that we wished we lived and interacted with the characters.

I love paranormal because in it, anything is possible.

Heather B. said...

Had to stop by and say hello Kate.

I love bumper and bumper-willow later on.

I love paranormals because they allow me to get away from everyday life and escape into something fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I pick up paranormals b/c the guys are better looking, meaner and more flawed...which is how I like em LOL. In a paranormal world ANYTHING is possible...what what girls hasn;t dreamed of some of this actually happening to her?


Kate Douglas said...

Just checking back in after working on copy edits all day for StarFire. They go off to NY tomorrow.

Ren, so glad to hear you like my DemonSlayers! I'm definitely having fun with them. Not quite as dark as my Chanku.

Reading through comments, it appears the biggest draw for paranormal is the ability to escape. I hear ya on that! I've been reading Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling series and talk about taking you into a new world! Love it.

Angela and Mary, thank you! Hi Heather...and Nikki, I have to agree with you--there is something so hot about those flawed heroes! I think that's what makes them so real.

Jane said...

I like reading paranormal stories to see the fight between good and evil and read about mythical and magical creatures.

night owl in IL said...

Hi Kate -
What isn't to like about paranormal romances? I still read the occasional CR or RS, but PNR has been my favorite for a long time now. If historical romances are not PNR, then they usually follow a certain pattern in order to be true to the real time period (the authors are stuck in using the language that was spoken then, the manners, mannerism's, social status & so on & so forth...) - it usually just grates on me & isn't my 'cup-of-tea'.

A PNR book about vampires, demons, shifters, etc., just opens up everyone's creative mind.

Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

flchen1 said...

Hi, Kate,

What a fun post! Thanks for sharing all that! As for why I sometimes like the extra oomph of paranormal, sometimes I *really* like to get away from reality, and peeking into a completely different world really opens up the possibilities for exciting, wonderful things (as well as some crazy, scary things)--it's escapist at its best, with all the emotion of romance. Thanks for all the wonderful books you write!

night owl in IL said...

Add-on note -
It didn't say to leave your email address in your comment; but, just in case, mine is -
Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

CrystalGB said...

I love paranormals because there are amazing creatures, fantastic worlds and passionate romance all in one book. You can't get better than that. :)

Kate Douglas said...

Jane, that overall good vs. evil theme seems to be what drives most paranormal, and it fascinates me to see so many different takes on it.

Lea Ellen, flchen & crystal--thank you. And yep, that escape from reality is something we all NEED, I think! Thanks for stopping by, and lea ellen, thank you also for the email addy. That DOES make it easier!

Tracy Nickels said...

I was a big Dark Shadows fan.
Bela Legousi my hero.I like good
gothic stories. Vampires Rule!

Tracy Nickels said...

I was a big Dark Shadows fan.
Bela Legousi my hero.I like good
gothic stories. Vampires Rule!

Tracy Nickels said...

I was a big Dark Shadows fan.
Bela Legousi my hero.I like good
gothic stories. Vampires Rule!

Kate Douglas said...

Hey Tracy! Ya know, I've never seen Dark Shadows! I don't watch television and haven't for years. It's like a whole part of our culture has just passed me by...thanks for stopping by~

Tammy said...

Kate I can totally understand how the characters are "real people" to you. In many series that I read, Wolf Tales included, the characters seem real. Each new book that is released the "I wonder what so and so is up to this time" factor is there. So many characters feel like extended family. You might night talk to them every day, but you can check up on them once a year or so via a new book.