Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sunsets and Cemeteries

What's with me and sunset pictures lately? Just so pretty!

Gorgeous weather and a historic cemetery to explore--my idea of heaven!

Spent last weekend in upstate New York, in the area around Westfield, Lake Chautauqua and Jamestown. The breezes off Lake Erie make the area perfect for growing grapes, and there are any number of wineries nearby. We did our best to visit as many as we could, and tasted (and bought!) some nice wines.

Found some surprises in the area, too. Like two different cemetery tours in Jamestown. Of course, we had to participate. It’s all research for my Pepper Martin mysteries and besides, spending a late afternoon (and in the second case, a few nighttime hours) in a cemetery is my idea of vacation heaven!

The site of the tours was Lakeview Cemetery, a beautiful, garden-type burial ground established in 1859. On the first, daylight tour, we walked the grounds and listened as costumed re-enactors told us about the lives and times of the people buried there. The famous and the not-so-famous, buried side by side, all with interesting stories to tell.

Sunday night, we attended the "Twilight Mausoleum Tour." Talk about good timing! In the book I’m working on now (Pepper Martin mystery #8), Pepper needs to break into a mausoleum and steal the bones there. I won’t even try to explain why! Let’s just say it’s for a good cause.

This tour was perfect for research. Not only did we get to visit four mausoleums with a lantern-carrying, costumed tour guide, we got to go inside. Oh yes, I had ideas before, but actually being in the mausoleums...well, I thought of a couple different ways I can further complicate Pepper’s quest.

And of course, what’s a weekend away without looking at a gorgeous sunset. The one pictured here is over Lake Erie and I think it rivals the sunset photo I took in New Mexico.
There’s beauty galore in New York, good ideas to be had, and all those wineries. A winning weekend!

Hey, how often do you have a chance to go inside a mausoleum--at least while

you're still alive and kicking? (Cue the spooky music here!)


Sharon S. said...

how awesome. I love the picture with the trees lining the street. Yeah, for the ideas you got. Come up with that title yet? .

Casey said...

No title...and I've been trying and trying! Thought of Dead Heat, but I don't think it has the snap of the other titles. Still thinking . . .

Sharon S. said...

The Wild, Wild Dead/death

If you can't take the dead, get out of the crypt .

Some Like it Dead

Night of the Talking Dead

lol, much harder than it looks