Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Werewolves and high tea

Thanks again to Kate Douglas for blogging with us yesterday! I first met Kate a few years ago in Dallas when our agent got a bunch of us together for a high tea. Can you picture a group of paranormal authors sitting around drinking Yorkshire Harrogate while discussing ways to vanquish demons, romance werewolves and make weapons easier to hide?

It's a wonder our waitress didn't run for the hills. Or maybe she was a demon slayer in training and was too busy taking notes. We only thought she was writing down our requests for more pastry and cucumber sandwiches (Those suckers were surprisingly tasty.).

But I'm glad our agent did get us together and that I've been able to touch base with Kate at many more writer events and on email. She's a fantastic storyteller and a great person too. And she's giving away goodies! That's always a bonus, right?

Five readers are going to win a copy of DemonFire, HellFire or a stuffed Bumper the dog. The winners are: Linda Henderson, N.S. Walters, Tammy, Tracey and Jane. Just email me at angie @ angie fox.com and I'll get your information to Kate!


Moonsanity said...

I would have loved to been part of that high tea. LOL I collect tea sets and I could have brought my own--then added my two sense to the demon discussion. BAHAHAHAHA I interview Kate last month, and she is such a gracious, warm person. I have her books or I would have entered the contest:)

Angie Fox said...

It was fun. I'd never done a real high tea before and to do it with a wacky bunch of authors was even better.