Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ditto to Casey's Post

As I take a deep breath before the thundering herd (commonly known as my family-hey, I consider eleven adults, eight children under the age of 12, and two dogs a herd! *g*) descends on my house, I thought I'd take just a moment and think about my blessings. I'm sure my list is pretty much the same as everyone's, but it still bears stating.

1. My family-I've been blest with four children and six grandchildren. Everyone's healthy, and when it comes to my adult children, I can say without bias (I hope!) that they've all grown into nice people. And my grandchildren?? This may not still be true when the teenage years hit, but right now, they actually like spending time with me!! As I do with them-I love listening to their honest (sometimes brutally so) take on the world. It's fun watching them grow and seeing their personalities emerge.
2. My health-for someone who doesn't exercise all that much and whose diet leaves a lot to be desired, I'm in pretty good shape. (And believe me, I knock on wood as I write this!)
3. My friends-I'm lucky to include in that group funny, smart women who are always there when I need them whether it's to hear me bleat about my latest plot or offer sage advice about a personal problem. And I can't imagine my life without them.
4. My dog-maybe this one's little sappy, but Roxy has been a good companion and I do dearly love her!
5. I have a roof over my head and food on my table. Just a couple of weeks ago as I was traveling, I saw a man standing at a stoplight holding a sign that said "Will work for food." His plight made whatever worries I think I might have very small in comparison.
6. My career as an author-I've been very, very lucky to have an agent and an editor who have always been encouraging. They've had faith in me when I've lacked it in myself. This career has expanded my world-I've met people who never would've come into my life without it.
7. Freedom-I'm lucky to live in a country, regardless of whatever its problems might be, that allows me to pursue my life as I see fit. I can go where I want, say what I want, write what I want, and do (as long as it's not breaking the law!) what I want. There are many place where people, especially women, can't do that.
8. And last but not least, the readers-without them, the above mentioned career would've been over after the first Ophelia and Abby. And I can't tell you how many times a supportive email from one of them has brightened what otherwise would've been a dark day. I'm grateful to each and every person who has taken part of their time to read my books!!

There are many more blessings that I could list, but I do have the thundering herd showing up in a few hours so I'd best get that thirty pounds of turkey started!! Everyone have a safe, and very, very Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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Sharon S. said...

:) My parents house had only two kids (mine), but 4 dogs. Was funny to hear them all run into the kitchen at the same time .