Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Great Fowl Debate

I have a decision to make today. It's not quite of the demon slaying variety, so that's good. No minions of the devil hiding out in my office. No imps in the garage.

No, this challenge is completely turkey related. You see, our family is big on Thanksgiving - especially leftovers. But we head up to my in-laws on the actual holiday, then to the Foxes on Saturday. Jim's family has no leftovers and the Foxes tend to have offbeat celebrations with things like BBQ, roast beef and pasta. So what are leftover lovers to do? We have our own celebration the Tuesday before.

So tonight I'm set to cook up turkey with all of the fixings just for our immediate family. I thought I was doing good (famous last words, right?). I did the shopping this past Thursday and bought a 15-pound bird. We started thawing it right away, anticipating delectable turkey goodness would be ours.

Except that it's not thawed yet. It's been four days. Now normally I'd do a water bath, but we have hardwood floor installers in the kitchen today. I can't even make it to my sink, much less bathe a turkey. Someone on Facebooks suggested a tub bath, but these installation guys already think I'm slightly crazy. One of them caught me talking to myself while writing yesterday. So do I really further the "writers are crazy" theory by asking them to move their tools so I can take the turkey out of the fridge and bring it upstairs with me?

Okay, yeah. I'll do it. I have no shame. And besides, I'm really craving that bird. But the next time you hear how crazy writers can be, feel free to blame me and my tub turkey.

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Unknown said...

{Chuckle} Good luck with the turkey. It sounds like it's already recalcitrant. {Smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin