Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Love of Reading

I have a confession to make-my adult children aren't big "readers". In fact only one-my oldest daughter-has read all seven Ophelia and Abby. (My youngest daughter's excuse?? She had to live with me while I was writing them, so why should she have to read them, too? I guess she feels I talked a bit too much about the plots while going through my creative process! *g*) And it is a little embarrassing to be an author whose family doesn't read!

I don't know why they don't enjoy reading. I did try to encourage them. When they were little, I read to them and they all grew up knowing how much I loved books, but for some reason, it didn't carry over into their adulthood.

Now I have a second chance with my grandchildren, especially my three oldest grandsons. This weekend, I purchased five Scooby-Doo books; one about aliens; another about dragons; and the last one deals with mummys and Egyptology. (A side note: I also purchased a copy of WITCH WAY TO MURDER. One of the boys had started reading his mother's copy and thought it would be cool to have his very own. Of course as both his grandmother and the author, I was more than happy to comply! His only complaint..."the words are awful little, Grandma." But hey, he's only eight and most of the books he's read up to this point have had a lot of pictures.) After school tonight, I'm also taking the three of them to our new library here in Stuart.

I guess time will tell whether or not I'm successful this second time around. If I am, I feel I'll have given them one of the best gifts a grandmother could give her grandchildren...the love of reading.

Wish me luck!

That's it for this week-see you next Thursday!



Sharon S. said...

LOL! I am trying to get my kids into reading. it is sort of working. The key is finding that *one book that hooks them into wanting to find another that will give them that same feeling. Good luck!

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Jes said...

I argee with Sharon- you have to find that one book that will hook them. I'm almost 34 years old and I was an occasional reader until about a year an a half- 2 years ago when I found that book that got me wanting to read ever book in sight! Now I can't catch up on my book list to save my life. The past 2 vacations I was on I ended up reading. Four books during 1 vacation and three and a half books during the last one! Good luck with the grandkids- I'm rooting for you! :D

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

I guess it depends on the kid, just like everything else really does in parenting. A childhood friend had parents who pushed her to read. It worked: she was reading and enjoying Shakespeare at age five. My parents insist if they'd tried with me, I'd never touch a book I didn't absolutely have to. {Chuckle}

They took a low pressure route. They read to me. They made sure I had no shortage of books to read. They helped me look up words when I asked. They read to themselves when they had a chance, so I wouldn't get the idea that reading was just for kids. I wasn't reading Shakespeare by age five, but I started reading Nancy Drew and other "chapter books" around the beginning of second grade. So I guess that worked, too. {Smile}

And no, I didn't have one great book that got me started. I just got serious about reading picture books when I was four, and graduated to tougher books as I went along. {SMILE}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin